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A Day in a Pet Grooming School Photo Gallery
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Welcome to A Day in a Pet Grooming School Photo Gallery...
A Day in a Pet Grooming School Photo Exhibit


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About the Artist

Elena Fava Emerson is a free-lance photojournalist, NPPA member, born in Italy, started photography in Milan. Currently Elena is a student at San Francisco State University. She loves traveling and photojournalism documentary photography.

Press Release

Exhibit went online August 27, 1999. Because thousands of visitors to continue to tour it we are maintaining its presence. Read the (exhibit producer) press release for the exhibit here.


Location for the shoot was Madeline's Institute of Pet Grooming (California). Our appreciation to Michelle Higbee, School Director; Sharon Marez, Bathing Supervisor; Cathy Henderson, Pet Bather; and students, Linda Phetsinorath, Dana Quizon, Rosemary Ferriera, Lana West and Kumson Ju, for allowing Elena to photograph you and share the pictures. Commentary accompanying each photograph was written by Stephen, Webmaster for Produced and hosted by, owned and operated by Find A Groomer, Inc. Clip Art courtesy of Sana's ClipArts.

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Photography:  Copyright 1999 Elena Fava Emerson  All rights reserved
Commentary & Web Design:  Copyright 1999 Find A Groomer, Inc. All rights reserved

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