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Ren Netherland, MCPP Pet Photography Exhibit presents the Ren Netherland Pet Photography Exhibit

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The Artist

Ren Netherland MCPP
(Master Certified Pet Photographer)

Ren Netherland MCPPRen Netherland began his career in photography over 20 years ago while serving in the United States Navy. After 4 years as a naval photographer and because of his abiding love of animals, it was only natural that he becomes a pet portrait photographer. That was over 16 years ago, back when pet portraiture was not yet in vogue. He ultimately opened two very successful pet portrait studios with elaborately designed and self-constructed sets that rivaled anything ever created for people portraiture. His designs were complete with an actual barnyard set, a white house front and porch set, a real sand beach scene and an incredible rock garden with a pond fully stocked with live goldfish and turtles! From a meager beginning his reputation rapidly grew, especially when his work began to appear on hundreds of covers of well-known national pet industry publications and calendars. In addition, Ren is the Official Photographer for many grooming competitions in the United States as well as the largest international grooming conference and competition worldwide.
Ren has an uncanny knack for getting a pets attention and cooperation. It has been said, that he has the patience of Job. After seeing him work, you will not only agree that he has the Patience, but that he truly loves his work! Most clients give-up long before he ever would. In fact, Ren has never "given-up". That is a fact that can be seen in his work. He puts a pet at-ease from the very beginning of a shoot. A photo sitting may be as short as 5 minutes or last as long as 3 hours.

Ren's work has been published all over the World. His prestigious client list includes magazines such as, "Dog Fancy", "Pet Business", "Caged Bird Hobbyist", "Dog & Kennel", "Veterinary Connection", "Pet Age", "Groom & Board", "Dog World", "The Dog's Outfitter", "Master Animal Care", "The Home Pet Shop", "Veterinary Technician", "Cat Fancy", "Pets Etc.", "The Pet Dealer", "Pet Business", "Pet Team Press" and "Natural Pet". We won't even mention the calendar companies ! We encourage you to visit Ren's website at Animal Photography for more information.

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Find A Groomer, Inc. is grateful to Ren Netherland for making his photography available for display at We also wish to thank the tens of thousands of regular visitors to who have shown so much interest and appreciation to its founders and staff, and who are working to uplift the professional reputation of the pet grooming industry.
The entirety of the Ren Netherland Pet Photography Exhibit including every web page of the exhibit and the content of every page thereof is protected by domestic and international intellectual properties law. We ask your cooperation in not violating our copyrights. Violators face potential prosecution according to these laws.

Photography Copyright 2000 Ren Netherland All rights reserved
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