Grooming Demand Rating


 Full Grooming Interval

 6 to 9 Weeks

 Maintenance Interval



Very little or no clipping is vital to maintaining the coat and overall appearance of a well-groomed Affenpinscher. Blending shears & stripping knives may be used.


The Affenpinscher has dense hair, known for being a bit coarse and about 1" in length on the shoulders and body. The coat is usually shorter on the rear and tail. Head, neck, chest, stomach and legs have longer, less harsh coat. A mane adorns to adult Affenpinscher comprised of durable hair. Long hair on the head, eyebrows and beard stands off and frames the face, giving the breed its monkey-like expression. Hair on the ears is cut very short. Very little or no clipping is vital to maintaining the coat and overall appearance. Light blending is all that is usually needed to maintain a neat but shaggy appearance. Light brushing is required to remove hair shed and any mats. Some breeders say the Affenpinscher may have a tendency for dry skin and coat. Use mild shampoos and don't bathe too frequently. For maintenance grooming the pet may benefit from light brushing and combing.

Avoid clipping the Affenpinscher where the owner desires a natural coat; restoring the traditional look and feel of the shaggy coat after clipping can take a great deal of time. Blending shears and stripping knives are very useful and appropriate for this breed; they are available from grooming suppliers.

The art of styling an Affenpinscher is somewhat different than most breeds. It's a breed not to be over groomed; just neatened. Retain a natural look.

For a neat appearance pluck shed and dead hair using a stripping knife. You want to remove those hairs that appear to be sticking out. Use scissors to neaten hair around the anus and neaten the tail with blending shears.

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