Grooming Demand Rating


 Full Grooming Interval

 8 to 12 Weeks

 Maintenance Interval



Natural bristle brush, slicker and pin brushes and metal combs.


Using protein coat conditioners during the pre-bath brush and comb out stage can make the job a lot easier on this breed if the undercoat is substantial. The double coat can be deceiving and hide a substantial amount of undercoat on some dogs of this breed. Start with a natural bristle brush session and then thoroughly comb. It may be easier to start with a wide tooth comb, and then a medium comb.

Using modern high velocity dryers to blow off excess water after the bath saves a tremendous amount of drying time. Some groomers prefer to use a large pin brush instead of slicker brush for the hand fluff dry process. You can expect even more loose hair to remove after the bath, and finish with a final comb out.

Leave the whiskers unless the pet owner desires them to be removed. A final protein coat conditioner spray as a finishing touch can add a beautiful sheen to this breed's coat.

After using a comb and slicker brush to remove undercoat before the bath, a pin brush is fine to remove the last undercoat during the drying process. Dirt tends to not stick well to the outer coat but the undercoat is another story.

This breed is very strong, alert and filled with energy. Staying all day at the groomer is not always a good idea unless you give them at least a couple walks during their stay.


We've seen a great deal of variation in the coats of Australian Cattle Dogs; and especially mixes. One may have a very cotton-like undercoat which requires substantial combing whereas another has more of the slick coarse outer coat and the dog is easily brushed and combed. They are extremely loyal to their owner, intelligent and don't mind putting you on notice of that with nibbles and threats telling you just what they think of being groomed or handled even. They love to herd; need to actually. Don't mix with other dogs should you let dogs run loose in your shop; we never do that but I know some do. Not this breed. Be careful.

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