Chow Chow


 Grooming Demand Rating


 Full Grooming Interval

 4 to 6 Weeks

 Maintenance Interval



Slicker brush, metal combs (wide and regular tooth), scissors, clippers, blades (if clipping, see below) and matt splitter (as needed).
Body #7
Pads #15
Stomach #10



Regular brushing and combing several times a week is essential in order to remove substantial wooly hair shed from the dense undercoat, and not only the outer coarse guard coat which protects the undercoat. The density of the hair coat can be misleading to novice groomers or owners of this breed; it is very dense.

The comfort of the Chow Chow through the professional grooming process is significantly increased when the dog owner has maintained proper regular brushing and combing. Detangling products may work well on this type of wooly under coat when matted or heavily-undercoated. Allow extra time to groom these dogs with poor coat conditions.

Hair shed not removed from the undercoat as well as any in the outer coat easily invites tangling and matting with time, and whenever the dog gets wet, even damp. Remove the hair shed from the under coat before bathing with a thorough brush and comb out. Wetting the wooly undercoat causes matting and tangling effects to increase almost immediately. Experienced groomers may choose to remove some of the last under coat hair shed after bathing, and after adding a conditioner to make final under coat removal easier.


Some groomers are cautious to very cautious about grooming Chow Chows. They are very loyal to their owners and may be aggressive with groomers unfamiliar with them. Hopefully the Chow Chow pet owner will start grooming their dog at an early age as well as introducing them to professional grooming in order to ease any aggressive tendencies. We know some experienced groomers that have eased the problem by having the owner of the aggressive Chow Chow stay during the first two grooming appointments and show their approval for the groomer working on them. Thereafter, the same groomer should groom the adapted Chow Chow. Only very experienced groomers should handle any aggressive dog regardless of breed.

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