COLLIE (Rough)


 Grooming Demand Rating


 Full Grooming Interval

6 to 8

 Maintenance Interval



Large slicker and pin brushes, wide and standard metal combs, matting rake, scissors, clippers and blades.
Body (if coat shortened) #7F


Stomach #10



A well-fitting, textured coat is the signature of the Rough Collie. It is abundant except on the head and legs. The outer coat should be straight and harsh to the touch. A soft, dense undercoat is appropriate as well as a full mane. Feathering below the hocks is removed for the show ring. The hair on the tail is very profuse and on the hips it is long and bushy.

Some pet owners may want their Rough Collie to be trimmed short instead of maintaining the abundant coat. Of course this is not appropriate for show. It's almost as if they want the pet groomed to be more like a Smooth Collie. It is not uncommon for pet owners to overlook maintenance grooming at home with this breed and matted Collies result. Look for large knots behind their ears. They must be split and removed.

Remove most of the shed and knots before the bath. Use a force dryer to blow off excess water after the bath and save yourself a great deal of time in drying this breed. Do not overly dry the dog and bake the hair using a "hot" setting. Use dryers on a moderate setting and use the air to separate the coat and expose remaining undercoat to remove. Back brushing helps to increase the fullness of the coat, especially the mane.


Scissor hair pads even and free of stray hairs. Check of debris that may have accumulated. After bathing and drying scissor the feet evenly. Ears should be long and natural. Sometimes a light use of thinning shears can even the coat along the back and neck to attain a more even part and appealing natural look. Hair on the chest is combed down toward the table. This may not be appropriate for show grooming.

Feces may get trapped by hair around the anus. Be sure to clean the area as part of your pre-bath duties. Once dried touch up this area lightly with scissors to prevent feces from becoming trapped until the next grooming. Don't cut the tail; it should be full.

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