Grooming Demand Rating


 Full Grooming Interval

 4 to 6 Weeks

 Maintenance Interval

Twice Weekly Minimum


Slicker brush, metal combs, pin brush, thinning shears, scissors, matt rake, clippers and blades.
Very matted strip #7 or #5


Stomach #10



It helps to remove as much of the undercoat shed as possible before the bath, yet you can expect more after the bath once the forced air from the dryer separates the coat and allows you to clearly see down to the skin. Wide combs and matt rakes are almost inevitably used unless the owner has taken premium care of the coat. Start with the rake, then to the slicker brush and then comb. It's best to start with one area and complete it and then move to the next area.

Scissor long hairs that hang over the anus. You can use thinning shears to reduce areas of the coat that seem to be more clumped than other areas, usually the rear area on this breed. You can also do the same along the back to neaten the appearance.


Many groomers given a matted Great Pyrenees take the time to offer the owner some instruction on how to properly brush and comb their dog. Most owners brush only the top most layer of coat and never remove undercoat and then wonder how the dog became so matted since they did brush and brush, but didn't understand the concept of the undercoat shed and how to remove it.

"As an owner of four Great Pyrenees, I find that doing a final rinse with 2 quarts of water and 3 or 4 drops of a liquid bluing agent (for laundry) mixed to a light blue color works wonders to help make that final rinsing easier. Plus it lightens the coat ever so slightly!" Submitted by Jennifer Taylor

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