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 Grooming Demand Rating

Moderately High

 Full Grooming Interval

4 to 6 Weeks

 Maintenance Interval



Slicker and pin brushes, metal combs, matt rake, thinning shears and scissors.


A double coat without the harsh standoff guard hair and woolly undercoat usually associated with double coats. The coat is soft and light in texture throughout though the outer coat carries slightly more weight. The long hair is abundant and, ideally, wavy. This breed is related to the Bichon family.

For show the dog is never trimmed. If the pet owner wants the pet trimmed you can refer to the Lhasa Apso guidelines for clippers and blades in general, although the styling is different since the coat is long and wavy. Therefore the styling is more similar to clipping a Lhasa Apso where the pet owner wants a reduced coat or mixed breed styling even.


Don't use too much cream rinse conditioner on this coat. A protein rich shampoo should be fine.

"I breed, show and groom Havanese, and one thing that works really well for these little guys is to use a good conditioning spray while drying. It really helps to not use anything that is hard on the coat. Another thing to watch out for...the Havanese owner who wishes to continually cut the dog short. You may want to alternate this haircut because regularly cutting the coat short produces coarse hair and it changes color, and can altogether stop growing properly (even in young dogs I always recommend a longer cut). Most Havanese owners are willing to learn how to brush or bring the dog in weekly if you suggest it. After all, most people do a lot of research before buying this breed and they pay $1,500 or more. We get many complaints on our site about not being able to find a groomer familiar with the breed. But when they do their groomer has a customer for life. The coat is much easier to maintain than a Lhasa or similar, so even two week bath and brushing (on a longer dog) is sufficient. Thanks." Submitted by Chris Russell

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