Irish Setter


 Grooming Demand Rating

Moderately High

 Full Grooming Interval

 4 to 6 Weeks

 Maintenance Interval



Slicker brush, pin brush, steel combs, scissors, thinning and blending shears, hand stripping knife (optional), clippers and blades.
Body, sides and back #7F or #5F
Head, neck and ears #10


Stomach #10



When drying this breed brush with the grain of the coat to keep it lying flat.

The most appropriate way to clip the coat of the back is with a hand stripping knife and thinning shears to card the back coat until it lies flat, however any amount of hand stripping requires professional training. Instead many groomers use a #7F or #5F blade. We strongly suggest a pictorial how-to groom guide for this breed such as in the books below.

Stray or superfluous hair on the back of the hocks is removed. The tail should be trimmed into a plume or wing shape.

Hand stripping knife can be used to neaten the appearance where the dog is not clipped, for example the head.

The chest hair should be left long. Neaten with scissors if desired, but not cut short.


"For folks who have a long/thick-coated Irish Setter, before taking the dog on hikes where the dog will go through weeds and woods, oil the dog's coat with a product such as Wu-Pi oil or All Systems Humectant to keep the dog's fur from picking up so many leaves and sticks. Make sure to wash it out completely afterwards, though, or it'll pick up dust and dirt something awful." Submitted by visitor.

Feathering on the legs and tails and ears must be straightened during the blow dry. Use a brush and comb to separate the hair while you dry.

"A pumice stone works wonders on those frizzy short hairs that appears on the backs and sides of spay/neuter dogs and will last a long time between groomings." Submitted by JABOZO

"Use thinning shears on the head to create a more natural appearance. When clipping the ear keep it as flat as possible to prevent uneven clipping. Always brush out mats between toes before trimming the hair on paws." Submitted by Carolyn Bennett

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Multi-Breed Books

These books contain little or no breed specific grooming information. They do provide very good to excellent general breed information. Of course, having pictures of the breed is a great help when grooming the breed compared to having nothing else.

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Breed Standard Information

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Irish Setter Club of America

Continental Kennel Club

Grooming Information

Irish Setter Club of America

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