Grooming Demand Rating


 Full Grooming Interval

 8 - 10 Weeks

 Maintenance Interval

Twice Weekly


Slicker & pin brushes, steel combs, matting rake or comb and scissors.


The breed has both a Rough Coat variety as well as the Smooth Coat (shown above) variety. Both have dense undercoats but you can expect additional in the Rough.

Regular brushing and combing at least twice a week is essential in order to remove substantial wooly hair shed from the soft dense undercoat, and not only the outer coarse guard coat which protects the undercoat.

The comfort of the dog through the professional grooming process is significantly increased when the dog owner has maintained proper regular brushing and combing. Detangling products may work well on this type of wooly under coat when matted or heavily-undercoated. Allow extra time to groom these dogs with poor coat conditions.

Use a shampoo that also whitens the white areas. Rinse very well.

Using modern high velocity dryers to blow off excess water after the bath can save a tremendous amount of drying time. Some groomers prefer to use a large pin brush instead of slicker brush for the hand fluff dry process. You can expect even more loose hair to remove after the bath, and finish with a final comb out.

Don't forget to scissor the hair under the feet even with the pads, and trim any other stray hairs around the feet.


Dry the dog thoroughly with a professional quality blow dryer. A damp dog in humid climates mildews creating odor and skin infections.

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