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As consultants that owned and established one of the world's largest and most profitable grooming businesses we are often asked, "How did you do it?" Our answer often surprises pet groomers and grooming business owners alike. We reply, "Providing our clients with the best in the client services as well as the best in grooming services."

Even the finest groomers have trouble operating a stable and profitable business when client relations is not as much an operations concern as the pet care services provided. After all, it is the pet owner requesting and paying for the services. We showed our appreciation with an exhaustive client relations program that any grooming business, or any size, can duplicate with some will power and consistency.

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Policies and Procedures
Keys to Client Loyalty
Skills Training
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Professional Client Services
Client Relations Business Forms
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Managing a Client Relations Program
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Appointment Scheduling Topics
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Answer the Telephone Please
JKL Pet Grooming School

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