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Groomer compensation is a vast subject. It's not simple. There are even compensation programs that use a mix of salary, hourly and commission all-in-one. Here is some entry-level basic information that alone may get you confused. However, you need to know this information because this is your industry. You will become familiar with the various systems in time.

In mid-2007 look for a cutting edge workbook on this topic, Mastering Pet Groomer Compensation & Operations. It is one of the several workbooks with CD-ROM that comprise Grooming Business in a Box.

Click a page number below to retrieve the info you desire, or select another Info Main Menu in the left column. If the information you need is not here, don't forget there are a significant number of messages regarding this topic on the GroomerTALK Message Board. Plus you can register and ask questions on the message board too!

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Old Fashioned Thinking
Page 3
Pros and Cons of Commission Based Wages
Page 4
Figuring Equivalent Pay Rates for Groomers Paid by Commission or Salary
Page 5
Misconceptions Arising from 50/50 Commission Wages
Page 6
The Million Dollar Miracle - Cost Efficient Strategies for Grooming Labor
Page 7
2002 Groomer Salaries Survey in Vet Environments

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