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No doubt about it, few pet groomers care for finance and bookkeeping talk. However, at least 70% of today's pet groomers want to someday own their own business. Business owners must take the time to learn basic finance and bookkeeping practices if they are to establish a stable and profitable grooming business.

Attitude really is everything. If you have the will to learn the financial duties of a business owner, we have some great resources for leading edge information on pet grooming finance and bookkeeping practices backed by 40 years of field experience. One day you are likely to actually really enjoy looking at your business' monthly financial statements when you see the knowledge you gained kept you "out of the red and in the black." You will have the business that is able to obtain the latest new equipment and supplies, and keep an attractive, modern working environment.

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Financial Objectives
Financial Statements
Bookkeeping Practices
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Bookkeeping Business Forms
Professional Assistance
Projecting Groomer Wages
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Calculating "Per Pet" Business Income and Expenses
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When to Raise Prices
Snyder Mfg. Co.
Gibson Governor Insurance Agency
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