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Gallup Poll of 1990

In July 1990, Gallup conducted a unique consumer survey of pet owners. Alec Gallup used the term "extraordinary" to describe the results. He discovered that our nation's pet owners were far more attached to their pets than commonly expected. We've always thought of our pets as family, and so do most pet owners everywhere. Mr. Gallup found that the large majority of households regard their pets as family members. For instance, 65% of the pet owners surveyed gave their pets a Christmas present, and 24% celebrated their pet's birthday. Pictures of pets could be found in 41% of their homes, 17% in wallets, and 8% at work. Because their pets could get lonely when left home alone, 30% of the pet owners surveyed left a radio or television on. Owners estimated they spent two hours each day feeding, exercising, and cleaning up after their pets. Total expenses for their pets averaged about $1,300 a year for each household.

An estimated six of out ten households in the USA have pets today, or about 58% of all households. That's an increase of 5% since the last similar Gallup Poll conducted in 1956. Dogs were slightly favored as household pets in both surveys. Although the percentages related to pet ownership vary to some degree depending upon income, race, and age, a majority of all population groups owns household animals, with pet dogs and cats as the most favored. Gallup found that 22% of pet owners surveyed had a "mix" or "mutt" dog, and 65% had a mixed, American shorthaired or alley cat. As pet grooming business consultants assisting newcomers to the industry, we advise you that all purebreds and mixes are potential candidates for pet grooming services. Some groomers may not accept select breeds noted for very aggressive behavior, but no less than 95% of all pets can be groomed by a professional groomer. Considering that the population of pet dogs and cats exceeds 120 million pets in the USA today, that's a huge market. This market is essentially recession proof. The key to understanding why the demand of the pet grooming is always there is actually quite simple, what man loves, he cares for.

HOT STATISTIC! The Gallup Poll stated that 43% of those polled responded that they have used the services of a pet grooming business at some time.

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Who's Serving the Market?

Pet grooming salons are not alone in serving the consumer demand for pet grooming services. The State of the Industry Report published in Spring 1994 by Pet Supplies Marketing (Division of Fancy Publications, Los Angeles, CA) indicated that 22.5% of surveyed pet retail stores offered pet grooming services. That was a significant increase from the prior decade, however, it was likely a relative peak. Only 2.5% of those not presently offering grooming services said they would add them in the next year. The number of kennels and veterinarians that also offer pet grooming services continues to increase modestly, however, businesses dedicated to pet grooming services are still the leading answer to consumer demand for pet grooming services.

The goal of marketing pet grooming services is to communicate the convenience, health, and joy of clean pets. This message can be projected in advanced marketing techniques to capture millions of new customers. You must study marketing and advertising if you are grow a stable pet grooming business. We suggest you use the proven marketing program in the renown pet grooming industry book, From Problems to Profits-The Madson Management System for Pet Grooming Businesses. Marketing is so important it is the book's biggest chapter!

Further, subscribe, read and support pet grooming industry trade magazines. Check the Resources Directory for a list of pet grooming industry publishers. If you are associated with a pet grooming publisher not yet listed in the directory, please contact us.

The market for pet grooming is far from saturated, and that means there is plenty of room for new career seekers and business opportunity, and for today's pet grooming business owners to expand. Based on on the strong sales of From Problems to Profits to new career and business opportunity seekers, and the annual growth of the number of pet grooming businesses advertising in the U.S. Resources Directory, the interest in career and business opportunities in the pet grooming industry is an indication of a lucrative market, and the popular desire of people to work with pets. Though the work may be hard at times, it is fun and interesting, and a delightful artistic expression. No wonder so many people have an interest. Working together we advance the profession and capture the market potential.

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