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Survey Results - Employed Groomers for 2002

1,337 questionnaires were completed. 88.7% completed all questions. Some PetGroomer.com surveys include questions about grooming prices. Warning Notice: Survey results presented here related to grooming prices are for your general interest in the pet grooming industry, and they are NOT to be used to calculate or set your grooming prices. If you do not agree with this warning notice policy, please leave this page now. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form. Your Profile (all figures are U.S. dollars)
  1. Which best describes your grooming position?

    A.  Certified (NDGAA, IPG, ISCC) full-charge Groomer or Stylist. 7%
    B.  Full-charge Groomer or Stylist. 77%
    C.  Assistant Groomer. 9%
    D.  Bather Brusher. 6%
    E.  Prep only, no bathing. 1%

  2. How many years of full-time grooming experience do you have as an employee?

    A.  Less than 1 year. 7%
    B.  1-2 years. 21%
    C.  3-5 years. 27%
    D.  6-9 years. 23%
    E.  More than 10 years. 22%

  3. Which best describes your training to become a groomer?

    A.  Graduated from a groomer training program given by a school of grooming. 19%
    B.  On the job training only as a groomer employee. 66%
    C.  Hired a groomer to train me (not a school). 8%
    D.  Self-taught. 7%

  4. How many hours a week do you work on an average year round.

    A.  10 or less hours. 2%
    B.  11-19 hours. 7%
    C.  20-29 hours. 17%
    D.  30 or more hours. 74%

  5. How is your compensation calculated?

    A.  Commission. 51%
    B.  Hourly wage. 40%
    C.  Salary wage. 7%
    D.  Combination of A, B and/or C. 1%
    E.  Other. 1%

  6. How often do you expect a raise?

    A.  Every 6 months. 7%
    B.  Annually. 67%
    C.  More than one year between wage increases. 16%
    D.  Never. 10%

  7. Does your employer offer opportunities for promotion?

    A.  Yes. 77%
    B.  No. 18%
    C.  Not applicable. 5%

  8. Are you serious about opening your own grooming business one day?

    A.  Very. 37%
    B.  Somewhat. 33%
    C.  Maybe. 9%
    D.  Not likely. 21%

  9. Which best characterizes your employer's business?

    A.  Grooming salon or shop in commercial location. 74%
    B.  Mobile grooming business. 12%
    C.  Home based business. 2%
    D.  Grooming department inside of retail store, vet, kennel, daycare or similar. 12%

  10. Do you get benefits such as medical and/or dental insurance, 401K, paid vacation, etc?

    A.  Yes 12%
    B.  No  88%

  11. How important is medical and dental insurance as an employee benefit?

    A.  Very. 77%
    B.  Somewhat. 20%
    C.  Not very. 3%
  12. How important is paid vacation and sick days as an employee benefit?

    A.  Very. 71%
    B.  Somewhat. 27%
    C.  Not very. 2%

  13. Does your employer support groomer continuing education by sending you to grooming seminars and trade shows at company expense?

    A.  Yes. 9%
    B.  No. 91%

  14. How many industry trade shows do you attend each year?

    A.  3 or more. 1%
    B.  1-2. 12%
    C.  None. 87%
  15. Does your employer provide and maintain blades and clippers?

    A.  Yes. 23%
    B.  No. 77%
  16. Does your employer provide and maintain scissors and shears?

    A.  Yes. 16%
    B.  No. 84%

  17. What type of grooming table do you prefer?

    A.  Basic stationary four leg table. 22%
    B.  Hydraulic. 57%
    C.  Electric. 20%
    D.  Other. 1%

  18. Did your employer provide you with a written job description during the hiring process?

    A.  Yes. 11%
    B.  No. 89%

  19. Did your employer provide you with a written employee handbook once hired?

    A.  Yes. 9%
    B.  No. 91%

  20. What is the longest period of time you worked consecutively for the same employer?

    A.  Less than 1 year. 2%
    B.  1-2 years. 7%
    C.  3-5 years. 45%
    D.  6-9 years. 37%
    E.  More than 10 years. 9%

  21. What do you like the very best about your job?

    A.  Wages. 26%
    B.  Location. 8%
    C.  Working environment. 52%
    D.  Flexible hours. 7%
    E.  Benefits. 2%
    F.  Continuing education. 1%
    G.  Small business and clientele. 1%
    H.  Large business and clientele. 2%
    I.  Seasonal demand for grooming, busy times a year, and slower times a year. 1%

  22. What do you like the very least about your job?

    A.  Wages. 37%
    B.  Location. 5%
    C.  Working environment. 2 color="#FF0000" %
    D.  Flexible hours. 1%
    E.  Benefits. 29%
    F.  Continuing education. 7%
    G.  Small business and clientele. 1%
    H.  Large business and clientele. 2%
    I.  Seasonal demand for grooming, busy times a year, and slower times a year. 16%

  23. Does your owner/manager assign which dogs you groom each day?

    A.  Yes, always. 13%
    B.  Yes, most of the time. 27%
    C.  No with some exceptions. 23%
    D.  Never. 37%

  24. On an average day, how many dogs can you groom start to finish (no bather provided) working 8 hours? (mobile groomers count as if you didn't have to drive between appointments).

    A.  7 or more. 49%
    B.  5-6. 49%
    C.  3-4. 1%
    D.  Less than 3. 0%

  25. Overall, how satisfied are you with your job?

    A.  Very. 33%
    B.  Somewhat. 32%
    C.  Average. 27%
    D.  Poor. 7%
    E.  Not at all. 1%

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