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Survey Results - Mobile Business Owner for 2006

1,032 questionnaires were completed. 91.6% completed all questions. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form. Some PetGroomer.com surveys include questions about grooming prices. Warning Notice: All survey results presented here related to grooming prices are for your general interest in the pet grooming industry, and they are NOT to be used to calculate or set your grooming prices. If you do not agree with this warning notice policy, please leave this page now. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form.

Your Background

  1. Which region (as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau) are you located in, or location outside U.S.?

    A.  New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island). 12%
    B.  Middle Atlantic (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) 21%
    C.  South Atlantic (West Virginia, Maryland, Wash DC, Delaware, Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, Florida) 11%
    D.  East South Central Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama) 7%
    E.  West South Central (Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas) 3%
    F.  East North Central (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan) 13%
    G.  West North Central North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas) 4%
    H.  Mountain (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada) 7%
    I.  Pacific (Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington state) 17%
    J.  CANADA 2%
    K.  EUROPE 1%
    M.  OTHER 1%
  2. How long have you owned your mobile grooming business?

    A.  Under 1 year. 15%
    B.  1 to 3 years. 31%
    C.  4 to 6 years. 37%
    D.  7 to 10 years. 7%
    E.  Over 10 years. 10%

  3. Is your business organized as a "sole-proprietorship" or "partnership" or "corporation."

    A.  Sole-proprietorship. 89%
    B.  Partnership. 4%
    C.  Corporation. 7%

  4. When you became a mobile groomer, did you purchase an existing business, or start a new business?"

    A.  Purchased an existing business. 11%
    B.  Started a new business. 89%

  5. Which category below best characterizes your past work experience prior to becoming either a groomer or grooming business owner?

    A.  Non-Office Worker/Laborer. 9%
    B.  Sales. 5%
    C.  Office Worker. 20%
    D.  Management. 8%
    E.  Medical. 3%
    F.  Self-Employment. 19%
    G.  Technician. 1%
    H.  Military. 11%
    I.  Government. 2%
    J.  Pet care (non grooming). 22%

  6. Did you ever work in the pet industry before you became a groomer?

    A.  Yes. 86%
    B.  No. 14%

  7. The ratio of men versus women business owners in the grooming industry is important. Please let us know your gender.

    A.  Female. 94%
    B.  Male. 6%

  8. What is your age bracket?

    A.  Under 25. 12%
    B.  25 to 35. 44%
    C.  36 to 45. 41%
    D.  46 to 55. 2%
    E.  Over 55. 1%

  9. How did you first learn to groom pets?

    A.  School of pet grooming. 67%
    B.  Home study program. 21%
    C.  Apprenticed. 11%
    D.  Self-taught. 1%

  10. How many trade shows do you attend a year?

    A.  None. 41%
    B.  1. 40%
    C.  2. 16%
    D.  3 or more. 3%

  11. What is your opinion of vocational licensing of the grooming profession?

    A.  For. 61%
    B.  Against. 25%
    C.  Unsure. 14%
    D.  No interest. 0%

  12. Are you a member of a mobile grooming association?

    A.  No. 79%
    B.  Yes. 21%

  13. Do you groom...?

    A.  Dogs only. 56%
    B.  Cats only. 0%
    C.  Dogs and cats. 44%
    D.  Livestock. 0%

  14. Do you use all-natural shampoos, conditioners and de-flea agents?

    A.  No. 0%
    B.  Yes, some. 10%
    C.  Yes, almost exclusively. 64%
    D.  Yes, only. 26%

  15. Do you require proof of rabies and/or other vaccinations before you groom a pet?

    A.  Yes, I do by choice. 88%
    B.  Yes, it is required by law. 5%
    C.  No, but I may start soon. 3%
    D.  No, not at all. 4%

  16. Do you offer hand stripping?

    A.  Yes. 4%
    B.  No. 96%

  17. Which best describes the ratio of complete bath and style services you provide versus bath-only?

    A.  25% bath only and 75% bath and style. 66%
    B.  50% bath only and 50% bath and style. 21%
    C.  75% bath only and 25% bath and style. 13%
    D.  100% bath and style, or close to it. 0%
    E.  100% bath only, or close to it. 0%

  18. How much of your business is mixed breed versus purebred?

    A.  25% mixed breed and 75% purebred. 36%
    B.  50% mixed breed and 50% purebred. 30%
    C.  75% mixed breed and 25% purebred. 33%
    D.  100% mixed breed, or close to it. 1%
    E.  100% purebred, or close to it. 0%

  19. How many grooming services do you provide on an average work day?

    A.  1 to 3. 13%
    B.  4 to 5. 54%
    C.  6 to 7. 31%
    D.  8 to 9. 2%
    E.  10 or more. 0%

  20. How many mobile grooming vehicles do you own?

    A.  1. 87%
    B.  2. 10%
    C.  3. 2%
    D.  4. 1%
    E.  More than 4. 0%

  21. How many miles a day do you travel on average on a regular work day?

    A.  Under 30. 31%
    B.  31 to 50. 43%
    C.  51 to 70. 15%
    D.  71 to 100. 8%
    E.  Over 100. 3%

  22. Is your van equipped with an inverter system?

    A.  Yes. 34%
    B.  No. 56%
    C.  I don't know what an inverter system is. 10%

  23. For personal safety do you groom inside with all doors locked?

    A.  Yes, always. 29%
    B.  Yes, most of the time. 21%
    C.  Yes, if I feel the location is insecure. 34%
    D.  No, or rarely. 16%

  24. By weight, what is the largest dog you groom?

    A.  Under 30 pounds. 3%
    B.  31 to 50 pounds. 29%
    C.  51 to 70 pounds. 55%
    D.  71 to 100 pounds. 11%
    E.  Over 100 pounds. 2%

  25. Do you sell retail from your mobile unit?

    A.  Yes, regularly. 11%
    B.  Yes, some. 33%
    C.  No, or very little. 56%

  26. If you sell retail from your mobile, what sells best?

    A.  Holistic pet food. 2%
    B.  Pet food. 5%
    C.  Flea Treatments. 12%
    D.  Toys and treats. 10%
    E.  Shampoos, brushes, combs. 73%

  27. How many years do you expect to use a new mobile unit before selling or trading in?

    A.  Up to 2 years. 6%
    B.  2-3 years. 36%
    C.  4-5 years. 42%
    D.  Over 5 years. 16%

  28. Do you have a backup mobile unit in case your primary unit breaks down?

    A.  Yes. 15%
    B.  No. 85%

  29. Do you accept credit cards?

    A.  Yes. 16%
    B.  No. 84%

  30. Do you use groomer software?

    A.  Yes. 79%
    B.  No. 21%

  31. What is the average appointment frequency between appointments for regular clients?

    A.  Up to 2 weeks. 0%
    B.  Every 3 weeks. 2%
    C.  Every 4 weeks. 61%
    D.  Every 5 weeks. 1%
    E.  Every 6 weeks. 29%
    F.  Every 8 weeks. 7%

  32. What do you like best about mobile grooming?

    A.  Sense of freedom. 22%
    B.  Daily change of scenery. 10%
    C.  Setting my own pace. 49%
    D.  Working alone. 8%
    E.  My clientele. 5%
    F.  My income. 6%

  33. How many regular clients does it take to keep you booked or nearly booked year round?

    A.  50. 3%
    B.  75. 12%
    C.  100. 28%
    D.  150. 54%
    E.  200. 3%
    F.  Over 200. 0%

  34. What is the most common reason your clients use mobile rather than taking their pet to a groomer?

    A.  They are unable to travel. 8%
    B.  They simply prefer the convenience of being able to stay home. 20%
    C.  It saves them travel time. 11%
    D.  It's easier for their pet. 51%
    E.  It's trendy. 1%
    F.  Other. 9%

  35. What percentage of your business is referrals?

    A.  Up to 25%. 26%
    B.  26% to 50%. 26%
    C.  51% to 75%. 27%
    D.  76% to 100%. 21%

  36. Do you use a Release & Hold Harmless Form for some or all pets?

    A.  Yes. 66%
    B.  No. 34%

  37. Do you advertise in the "Resources Directory" telephone book?

    A.  Yes, more than 1. 7%
    B.  Yes, 1. 58%
    C.  No, simply by choice. 33%
    D.  No, I tried and got little response. 2%

  38. Do you ever discount your grooming fees?

    A.  Yes, with coupons. 3%
    B.  Yes, for seniors. 4%
    C.  Yes, first time customers only. 5%
    D.  Never, or almost never. 88%

  39. How concerned are you over the recent price increases in fuel (gas, diesel, propane if applicable)?

    A.  Very concerned, could hurt my business. 26%
    B.  Very concerned, raised prices recently to compensate. 34%
    C.  Concerned, may have to raise prices soon. 11%
    D.  Concerned, but they would have to increase much more before business would be affect, or I raise prices. 29%

  40. What do you like LEAST about your mobile unit?

    A.  Head room or lack of room. 1%
    B.  Heat or humidity in warm or hot weather. 9%
    C.  Maintenance requirements. 4%
    D.  Reliability. 66%
    E.  Generator. 2%
    F.  Nothing, I am pleased with everything. 18%

  41. Do you offer a pet care services brochure?

    A.  Yes. 39%
    B.  No. 61%

  42. Have you organized your market area such that serve specific areas certain days or weeks?

    A.  Yes. 94%
    B.  No. 6%

  43. Do you operate more than 1 mobile unit with an employee(s) operating other units you own?

    A.  Yes. 88%
    B.  No. 12%

  44. Where do you have your sharpening and tools/equipment repairs done?

    A.  I have a local source. 19%
    B.  I ship them out by postal mail or other delivery service. 81%

  45. Does your business insurance cover fleeing pets and malpractice?

    A.  Yes. 92%
    B.  No. 8%

  46. Do you run into some zoning or permit problems grooming in some client areas?

    A.  Yes. 92%
    B.  No. 8%

  47. Would you recommend mobile grooming to new grooming career seekers?

    A.  Very much so. 9%
    B.  Yes. 41%
    C.  No. 50%

  48. Do you have a web site for your mobile grooming business?

    A.  Yes. 10%
    B.  No, but I am planning one. 88%
    C.  No. 2%

  49. How do you accept telephone call inquiries during the work day?

    A.  I keep my cell phone on most of the time and answer calls. 17%
    B.  I have voicemail and I check messages occasionally. 43%
    C.  I have a mobile groomer answering service that schedules appointments for me and handles other calls. 2%
    D.  I use voicemail that sends me a text message when a message is waiting, and then pick up message at next best opportunity. 38%

  50. How many days of the week does your business operate?

    A.  1 to 4 days. 11%
    B.  5 days. 84%
    C.  6 days. 5%
    D.  7 days. 0%

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