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Survey Results - Self-Serve Pet Wash Owner for 2006

128 questionnaires were completed. 95.5% completed all questions. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form. Some PetGroomer.com surveys include questions about grooming prices. Warning Notice: All survey results presented here related to grooming prices are for your general interest in the pet grooming industry, and they are NOT to be used to calculate or set your grooming prices. If you do not agree with this warning notice policy, please leave this page now. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form.

Your Background

  1. Which region (as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau) are you located in?

    A.  New England (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island). 6%
    B.  Middle Atlantic (New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey) 14%
    C.  South Atlantic (West Virginia, Maryland, Wash DC, Delaware, Virginia, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Georgia, Florida) 15%
    D.  East South Central (Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama) 4%
    E.  West South Central (Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas) 8%
    F.  East North Central (Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan) 10%
    G.  West North Central (North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas) 12%
    H.  Mountain (Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada) 21%
    I.  Pacific (Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington state) 10%

  2. Which best describes your status or position?

    A.  Owner of the business. 98%
    B.  Manager of the business. 2%

  3. Which best describes your organization?

    A.  Self-service pet wash only. 5%
    B.  Self-service pet wash and some retail. 27%
    C.  Self-service pet wash and strong emphasis on retail too. 44%
    D.  Self-service pet wash department inside of a grooming business. 24%
    E.  Self-service pet wash department inside of a veterinary clinic. 0%

  4. How many years has the self-service pet wash or self-service department been operating?

    A.  Less than 1 year. 21%
    B.  1-3 years. 55%
    C.  4-5 years. 20%
    D.  Over 5 years. 4%

  5. Overall how satisfied are you with operating a self-service pet wash business or department.

    A.  Very satisfied. 78%
    B.  Average. 20%
    C.  Okay. 2%
    D.  Unsatisfied. 0%

  6. Do you also have at least 1 groomer offering some full-service grooming?

    A.  Yes. 48%
    B.  No. 52%

  7. Do you have a coin-operated system?

    A.  Yes. 21%
    B.  No. 79%

  8. Do you have a "Tier" pricing system (Small, Medium, Large is 3 Tier) for self-service pet wash fees?

    A.  Yes, 2 tier. 0%
    B.  Yes, 3 tier. 21%
    C.  Yes, 4 or more tier. 78%
    D.  No, one price only. 1%

  9. Do you give a discount for 2 or more pets?

    A.  Yes. 44%
    B.  No. 56%

  10. Do you take appointments for self-service?

    A.  Yes. 12%
    B.  No. 88%

  11. Do you offer nail clipping add-on services, and how popular are they?

    A.  Yes, very popular. 40%
    B.  Yes, somewhat popular. 51%
    C.  Yes, not very popular. 9%
    D.  Not offered. 0%

  12. What are your busiest days?

    A.  Weekends. 97%
    B.  Weekday day hours. 1%
    C.  Weekday evenings. 2%

  13. What type of bathing tubs do you use?

    A.  Stainless steel. 44%
    B.  Porcelain. 46%
    C.  Composite, fiberglass, etc. 10%

  14. How many self-service tubs do you have?

    A.  1. 0%
    B.  2. 0%
    C.  3. 21%
    D.  4. 54%
    E.  5. 13%
    F.  6 or more. 12%

  15. Do you offer dryers and/or cage dryers?

    A.  Dryers only, no cage dryers. 75%
    B.  Cage dryers only. 3%
    C.  Dryers and cage dryers. 22%

  16. If you also offer grooming services, which best describes those services?

    A.  Bathing and drying only by a groomer, no styling. 9%
    B.  Bathing, drying and styling by a groomer. 91%

  17. If you sell retail, what sells best?

    A.  Pet food. 21%
    B.  Holistic pet food. 28%
    C.  Treats and toys. 37%
    D.  Beds. 6%
    E.  Grooming tools, shampoos, conditioners. 8%
    F.  Other. 0%

  18. Do you give a discount if the pet owner brings their own towels and shampoo?

    A.  Yes. 29%
    B.  No. 71%

  19. Do you advertise with discount coupons?

    A.  Yes. 88%
    B.  No. 12%

  20. Do you provide a potty walk area for pet owners to relieve pets?

    A.  Yes. 70%
    B.  No. 30%

  21. Do you offer a bathing system to dispense soap, conditioner, rinse water or other cycles?

    A.  Yes. 56%
    B.  No. 44%

  22. On an average day how many self-service pet wash services do you sell?

    A.  1 to 5. 5%
    B.  6 to 10. 19
    C.  11 to 15. 41%
    D.  16 to 20. 28%
    E.  20 to 25. 5%
    F.  26 to 30. 1%
    G.  30 to 35. 1%
    H.  36 to 40. 0%
    I.  Over 40. 0%

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