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Survey Results - Grooming Business Owner 2004

3,228 questionnaires were completed. 93.3% completed all questions. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form. Some PetGroomer.com surveys include questions about grooming prices. Warning Notice: Survey results presented here related to grooming prices are for your general interest in the pet grooming industry, and they are NOT to be used to calculate or set your grooming prices. If you do not agree with this warning notice policy, please leave this page now. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form.

Your Background

  1. How long have you owned your pet grooming business?

    A.  Under 1 year.  9%
    B.  1 to 3 years.  34%
    C.  4 to 6 years.  31%
    D.  7 to 10 years.  20%
    E.  Over 10 years.  6%

  2. Is your business organized as a "sole-proprietorship" or a partnership or corporation?

    A.  Sole-proprietor.  84%
    B.  Partnership (LLC, LLP) or corporation with shareholders other than yourself.  16%

  3. Did you open the business as a new startup, or did you purchase an existing pet grooming business?

    A.  I opened the business as a new startup.  83%
    B.  Purchased existing pet grooming business.  17%

  4. Which category below best characterizes your past work experience prior to becoming either a groomer or grooming business owner?

    A.  Non-Office Worker / Laborer  16%
    B.  Sales  6%
    C.  Office Worker  15%
    D.  Management  16%
    E.  Medical  5%
    F.  Self-Employment  18%
    G.  Technician  4%
    H.  Military  14%
    I.  Government  0%
    J.  Pet care (non grooming)  7%

  5. Were you ever employed as a pet groomer before you became a grooming business owner?

    A.  Yes  63%
    B.  No  37%

  6. The ratio of men versus women business owners in the pet grooming industry is important. Please let us know your gender.

    A.  Female  98%
    B.  Male  2%

  7. Please select your age bracket.

    A.  Under 25  17%
    B.  25-35  42%
    C.  36-45  31%
    D.  46-55  8%
    E.  Over 55  2%

  8. How did you first learn to groom pets?

    A.   Attended a school of pet grooming.  42%
    B.   Apprenticed under another pet groomer.  39%
    C.   Correspondence or video course, or self-taught.  19%

  9. How many pet grooming trade shows do you attend in a calendar year?

    A.  None  79%
    B.  1 to 2  19%
    C.  3 or more.  2%
  10. Do you suffer from regular physical ailments related to grooming pets?

    A.  Yes  54%
    B.  No  46%

  11. How do you feel about vocational licensing of the pet grooming profession in your state?

    A.  No interest.  20%
    B.  Against.  39%
    C.  For.  37%
    D.  I do not know enough about the subject to have a strong opinion.  4%

  12. Would you travel up to 100 miles to attend a one day professional seminar dedicated solely to "the business side" of pet grooming?

    A.  Yes.  44%
    B.  No.  56%

  13. Are you a member of p et grooming associations?

    A.  None.  60%
    B.  1.  30%
    C.  2.  7%
    D.  3 or more.  3%

  14. Which description below best describes your operation?

    A.  Home-based business.  20%
    B.  Mobile grooming business.  28%
    C.  Commercial location shop or salon.  41%
    D.  Leased space from a pet retailer, vet, daycare or kennel.  11%

  1. If you are an employer, how many full-time employees do you employ all or most of the year?

    A.  1 to 2.  32%
    B.  3 to 5.  58%
    C.  6 to 9.  8%
    D.  10 or more.  2%

  2. How many part-time employees do you employ all or most of the year?

    A.  1 to 2.  51%
    B.  3 to 5.  41%
    C.  6 to 9.  7%
    D.  10 or more.  1%
  3. Do you ever hire student graduates of a school of pet grooming?

    A.  No.  4%
    B.  Yes, but not often.  81%
    C.  Yes, often.  15%
  4. Which bests describes your grooming staff structure?

    A.   Full-charge groomers only.  13%
    B.   Full-charge groomers and bathers.  54%
    C.   Full-charge groomers, assistant groomers and bathers.  33%

  5. Which bests describes your non-grooming staff structure for your grooming business or grooming department?

    A.   Receptionist (or similar job title).  94%
    B.   Receptionist, hired manager.  1%
    C.   Other.  5%

  6. Do you pay any of your full-charge groomers by commission?

    A.  Yes.  59%
    B.  No.  41%

  7. Do you pay any of your bathers by commission?

    A.  Yes.  18%
    B.  No.  82%
  8. How much do you pay your hourly wage bathers, or if none, how much you expect to pay in your area?

    A.  Less than $7 an hour.  8%
    B.  $7 to $8 an hour.  53%
    C.  Over $8 an hour to $9 an hour.  21%
    D.  Over $9 an hour to $10 an hour.  10%
    E.  Over $10 an hour up to $12 an hour.  7%
    F.  Over $12 an hour.  1%

  9. Do you offer medical and/or dental insurance benefits to full-time employees?

    A.  Yes.  22%
    B.  No.  78%

  10. Do you offer paid vacation and/or paid sick days to full-time employees?

    A.  Yes.  24%
    B.  No.  76%

  11. Do you provide a job description to job candidates?

    A.  Yes.  7%
    B.  No.  93%

  12. Do you provide an employee handbook to new employees?

    A.  Yes.  5%
    B.  No.  95%

  13. How often do you provide job performance evaluations for employees?

    A.  Twice a year.  12%
    B.  Once a year.  30%
    C.  More than 1 year apart.  4%
    D.  Never.  54%

  14. What has been the most successful method to advertise your groomer job openings?

    A.  Local newspaper classified ad.  2%
    B.  Help wanted sign in my business, or other local pet businesses.  27%
    C.  Referral from another groomer or present employee.  16%
    D.  PetGroomer.com Classified Ads - free employment ads.  43%
    E.  Grooming employment agency.  1%
    F.  Other.  11%

  15. How many grooming job openings do you have in your business today?

    A.  None.  20%
    B.  1.  67%
    C.  2.  13%
    D.  3.  0%
    E.  More than 3.  0%

  16. Do you NEVER pay any employees by commission?

    A.  Yes, I never pay commission based wages.  44%
    F.  No, I pay some or all of groomers by commission.  56%

  17. Do you pay any groomers by monthly salary?

    A.  Yes.  27%
    B.  No.  73%

  18. Do you offer any employees a commission for selling merchandise to your grooming customers?

    A.  Yes.  7%
    B.  No.  93%

  19. Which best describes your experience finding groomers and bathers?

    A.  It's difficult to find either groomers or bathers.  25%
    B.  It's difficult to find groomers.  28%
    C.  It's difficult to find bathers.  17%
    D.  Moderate, it may take some time, but I eventually find and hire groomers and bathers.  13%
    E.  Good, we can usually find the groomers or bathers we need.  17%

  20. Do you (or your hired manager if applicable) as owner make grooming assignments to hired full-charge groomers?

    A.  I let my customers choose their groomer.  0%
    B.  I assign some but not all.  0%
    C.  I make all grooming assignments to groomers.  0%

  21. How much of your operation is truly "teamwork-oriented."

    A.  None.  20%
    B.  Little.  33%
    C.  Average.  17%
    D.  Above-average.  20%
    E.  A lot.  10%

  22. Do you require employees to have one or more preventative vaccinations?

    A.  Yes.  84%
    B.  No.  16%

  23. Do you offer pet daycare services?

    A.  Yes.  12%
    B.  No.  88%

  24. Do you offer pet sitting services?

    A.  Yes.  4%
    B.  No.  96%

  25. Do you offer overnight boarding services?

    A.  Yes.  9%
    B.  No.  91%

Grooming Services

  1. Do you groom...?

    A.  Dogs only.  60%
    B.  Cats only.  2%
    C.  Both dogs and cats.  30%
    D.  Dogs, cats, and other animals.  8%

  2. Do you offer pick-up and delivery services (if not mobile)?

    A.  Yes.  22%
    B.  No.  78%

  3. Do you provide scissor ONLY finishing?

    A.  Yes, all finish work is scissors only.  9%
    B.  Scissors only optional, and often requested.  2%
    C.  Scissors only is optional, and rarely done.  81%

  4. Do you use all natural shampoos, de-flea agents, and conditioners.

    A.  No.  5%
    B.  Yes, almost exclusively.  78%
    C.  Yes, exclusively.  17%

  5. Do you use cage-dryers?

    A.  Yes.  55%
    B.  No.  45%

  6. Do you offer pet owners a written "report card" of comments and observations for every grooming appointment?

    A.  Yes.  14%
    B.  No.  86%

  7. Do you require proof of rabies and/or other vaccinations to be on file in your business before you groom a pet?

    A.  Yes.  21%
    B.  No.  79%

  8. Do you offer hand-stripping?

    A.  Yes.  6%
    B.  No.  94%

  9. Do you offer formal show grooming suitable for the "show ring"?

    A.  Yes.  2%
    B.  No.  98%

  10. Which best describes the ratio of complete trim and bath services versus bath-only services ?

    A.  25% bath-only and 75% complete trim and bath.  43%
    B.  50% bath-only and 50% complete trim and bath.  42%
    C.  75% bath only and 25% complete trim and bath.  9%
    D.  100% complete trim and bath, almost or no bath-only.  6%
    E.  100% bath-only, almost or no complete trim and bath.  0%

  11. How much of your business is grooming mixed breeds dogs?

    A.  Less than 20%.  10%
    B.  20% to 29%.  9%
    C.  30% to 39%.  18%
    D.  40% to 49%.  19%
    E.  50% or 60%.  22%
    F.  More than 60%.  22%

  12. Do you use a "Release and Hold Harmless" or other type of notice and disclaimer for difficult or questionable condition pets?

    A.  Yes.  69%
    B.  No.  31%

  Client Relations & Marketing

  1. How many other grooming businesses or pet businesses with grooming are in your same market area?

    A.  None.  2%
    B.  A few.  78%
    C.  Several.  20%

  2. Which best describes your primary competition ?

    A.  Veterinarians.  11%
    B.  Pet stores small and large.  5%
    C.  Kennels and daycare.  6%
    D.  Grooming shops and salons.  42%
    E.  Mobile groomers.  31%
    F.  Home based groomers.  4%

  3. What percentage of your new customers are referrals?

    A.  25% or less.  9%
    B.  26% to 50%.  30%
    C.  More than 50%.  61%

  4. What type of advertising brings the best results?

    A.  "Resources Directory" display ads (telephone books).  40%
    B.  Road sign.  39%
    C.  Local newspapers or magazines.  5%
    D.  Brochure and flyer distribution by hand, associate businesses or direct mail.  12%
    E.  Sponsoring events.  2%
    F.  Other.  2%

  5. Do you offer a company brochure describing your services?

    A.  Yes.  21%
    B.  No.  79%

  6. What is the size of your client base? We ask that you only consider those pet owners that use your services at least twice a year as a "client."

    A.  Under 500.  53%
    B.  500 to 999.  20%
    C.  1,000 to 1,499.  21%
    D.  1,500 to 1,999.  4%
    E.  2,000 to 2,999.  1%
    F.  3,000 to 3,999.  1%
    G.  4,000 to 4,999.  0%
    H.  Over 5,000.  0%

  7. Do you offer incentive coupons to attract new customers?

    A.  Yes.  38%
    B.  No.  62%

  8. Do you accept credit cards and/or ATM?

    A.  Yes.  52%
    B.  No.  48%

  9. Which best describes your days of operation?

    A.  Open 7 days a week.  11%
    B.  Open 6 days a week.  37%
    C.  Open 5 days a week.  42%
    D.  Open 4 days a week.  6%
    E.  Open 3 days a week.  1%
    F.  Open 1 or 2 days a week.  3%

  10. Which best describes your hours of operation?

    A.  Open 80 hours or more a week.  1%
    B.  Open 60-79 hours a week.  11%
    C.  Open 40-59 hours a week.  48%
    D.  Open 20-39 hours a week.  38%
    E.  Open 10-19 hours a week.  2%
    F.  Open less than 10 hours a week.  0%

  11. Do you display your grooming prices on a sign visible to customers, or on a price sheet customers can take with them?

    A.  Yes.  14%
    B.  No.  86%

  12. Do you have a web site for your business?

    A.  Yes.  34%
    B.  No.  66%


  1. Do you sell retail pet products?

    A.  Very small selection or none at all.  43%
    B.  Average selection.  51%
    C.  Wide selection.  6%

  2. Do you plan to sell your business someday, for either a career change or to retire?

    A.  No.  7%
    B.  Yes.  93%

  3. What is the average gross revenue your business earns from pet grooming services only in one year (before taxes or expenses)? Do not include retail sales amount.

    A.  Under $10,000.  2%
    B.  $10,001. to $20,000.  6%
    C.  $20,001. to $30,000.  4%
    D.  $30,001. to $50,000.  31%
    E.  $50,001 to $75,000.  40%
    F.  $75,001 to $100,000.  5%
    G.  $100,001 to $150,000.  4%
    H.  $150,001 to $250,000.  5%
    I.  Over $250,000.  3%

  4. Does your business insurance policy cover "malpractice?"

    A.  Yes.  21%
    B.  No.  44%
    C.  Unknown  35% (Webmaster note: if you didn't specifically request or secure it, you probably don't have malpractice insurance).

  5. Does your business insurance policy cover the "fleeing pet" that escapes your business property?

    A.  Yes.  17%
    B.  No.  83%

  6. What is your present, or most recent, annual wage NET earnings from your business employment (prior taxes)? Your answer should reflect your personal NET income before taxes that you earned from the business, NOT gross revenue of sales or services earned by the business. (For example, if gross sales of grooming services was $50,000 in 1999 less $28,000 in operating expenses the owner's personal NET income would be approximately $22,000. Corporations, indicate annual gross salary earned by owner(s). Figures are U.S. dollars).

    A.  Under $10,000  9%
    B.  $10,001 to $20,000  20%
    C.  $20,001 to $30,000  33%
    D.  $30,001 to $40,000  27%
    E.  $40,001 to $50,000  7%
    F.  $50,001 to $75,000  2%
    G.  Over $75,000  2%

  7. How many groomings (trim and bath, or bath only) did your business provide in the last 12 months?

    A.  Under 500 (500 groomings a year is about 41 groomings a month).  10%
    B.  501 to 1,000.  30%
    C.  1,001 to 2,000.  33%
    D.  2,001 to 4,000.  8%
    E.  4,001 to 6,000.  6%
    F.  6,001 to 9,000.  8%
    G.  Over 9,000.  5%
    H.  I don't know or I don't keep track. (Thanks for your honesty).  44%

  8. If you pay rent for your commercial salon or shop, or you rent a grooming department, how much rent do you pay PER MONTH?

    A.  Under $500 a month.  22%
    B.  $501 to $1,000 a month.  56%
    C.  $1,001 to $1,500 a month.  18%
    D.  $1,501 to $2,000 a month.  3%
    E.  $2,001 to $3,000 a month.  1%
    F.  $3,001 to $4,000 a month.  0%
    G.  Over $4,000 a month.  0%
  9. If you are a mobile groomer with 1 mobile van, and you financed your purchase, what is your monthly payment?

    A.  Under $400 a month.  5%
    B.  $401 to $500 a month.  6%
    C.  $501 to $600 a month.  4%
    D.  $601 to $700 a month.  28%
    E.  $701 to $800 a month.  44%
    F.  $801 to $900 a month.  12%
    G.  Over $900 a month.  1%

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