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Survey Results - Groomer Shopping Survey 2003

3,622 questionnaires were completed. 84.1% completed all questions. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form. Some PetGroomer.com surveys include questions about grooming prices. Warning Notice: Survey results presented here that may relate to grooming prices are for your general interest in the pet grooming industry, and they are NOT to be used to calculate or set your grooming prices. If you do not agree with this warning notice policy, please leave this page now. All figures are rounded to the nearest whole number in percentage form.

SECTION A -- Your Profile (all figures are U.S. dollars)

  1. Do you resell merchandise to pet owners?

    A.  Yes, large selection. 3%
    B.  Yes, average selection. 51%
    C.  Yes, small selection. 40%
    D.  No. 6%

  2. Do you shop online for grooming supplies, equipment and/or resale merchandise?

    A.  Yes, a lot. 21%
    B.  Yes, moderate. 34%
    C.  Yes, a little. 40%
    D.  No. 5%

  3. Do you shop mail order catalogs for grooming supplies, equipment and/or resale merchandise?

    A.  Yes, a lot. 19%
    B.  Yes, moderate. 44%
    C.  Yes, a little. 36%
    D.  No. 1%

  4. Do you shop distributors that come to your door for grooming supplies, equipment and/or resale merchandise?

    A.  Yes, a lot. 10%
    B.  Yes, moderate. 12%
    C.  Yes, a little. 60%
    D.  No. 18%

  5. Where do you get most of your information about grooming supplies before you buy?

    A.  Trade magazine advertisements. 12%
    B.  Online sources. 26%
    C.  Direct mail advertisements. 20%
    D.  Other groomers. 30%
    E.  Trade shows. 8%
    F.  Other. 4%

  6. How often do you buy large equipment (bathing systems, tubs, caging systems)?

    A.  Every 6 months. 0%
    B.  Once a year. 11%
    C.  Every 2 years. 69%
    D.  Every 3 years or more. 20%

  7. What is your average retail merchandise sale amount to your customers (not counting sales tax collected)?

    A.  Under $5. 1%
    B.  Over $5 and under $10. 19%
    C.  Over $10 and under $20. 61%
    D.  Over $20 and under $30. 18%
    E.  Over $30. 1%

  8. What merchandise do you sell the most to your grooming customers?

    A.  Grooming shampoos, conditioners, brushes and combs. 30%
    B.  Leashes, collars, coats and accessories. 27%
    C.  Pet foods (not treats), nutrition and bowls. 2%
    D.  Treats and chews. 18%
    E.  Flea and tick treatments. 22%
    F.  Pet art and books. 1%

  9. How many manufacturer brands of shampoos and conditioners do you use on pets you groom?

    A.  More than 3. 5%
    B.  3. 71%
    C.  2. 20%
    D.  1. 4%

  10. How many brands of clippers do you use?

    A.  More than 2. 40%
    B.  2. 55%
    C.  1. 5%

  11. How many brands of scissors do you use?

    A.  More than 2. 14%
    B.  2. 69%
    C.  1. 17%

  12. Who is your favorite clipper manufacturer?

    A.  WAHL. 21%
    B.  Oster. 8%
    C.  Laube. 51%
    D.  Andis. 18%
    E.  Other. 2%

  13. How many new clipper blades do you purchase each year?

    A.  More than 15. 3%
    B.  11-15. 5%
    C.  7-10. 33%
    D.  4-6. 44%
    E.  3 or less. 15%

  14. What is the most important factor in selecting a mail order or online vendor for grooming supplies?

    A.  Fast delivery. 3%
    B.  Accept credit cards. 1%
    C.  No minimum order. 19%
    D.  Satisfaction guarantee. 19%
    E.  Low price guarantee. 12%
    F.  Secure online order system. 19%
    G.  Wide selection of merchandise. 27%

  15. Do you own a clipper vacuum system?

    A.  Yes. 39%
    B.  No. 61%

  16. Do you own at least one bathing system?

    A.  Yes. 44%
    B.  No. 56%

  17. Do you own a central vacuum system?

    A.  Yes. 9%
    B.  No. 91%
  18. On average, how often do you use the services of a blade sharpener?

    A.  Weekly. 1%
    B.  Monthly. 11%
    C.  Quarterly. 26%
    D.  Semi-annually. 42%
    E.  Annually. 20%

  19. On average, how often do you use the services of a grooming equipment repairperson.

    A.  Weekly. 0%
    B.  Monthly. 1%
    C.  Quarterly. 14%
    D.  Semi-annually. 33%
    E.  Annually. 52%

  20. Where do find services for groomers such as sharpeners and repairpersons?

    A.  Trade magazine advertisements. 11%
    B.  Online sources. 39%
    C.  Direct mail advertisements. 2%
    D.  Other groomers. 32%
    E.  Trade shows. 10%
    F.  Other. 6%

  21. Do you use a computer and business software?

    A.  Yes, custom software for groomers. 17%
    B.  Yes, but no custom programs for groomers, only regular business store bought business software. 47%
    C.  No. 36%

  22. How much do you spend on small grooming tools each year? (clippers, scissors, blades, shears, brushes)?

    A.  Under $500. 28%
    B.  $501 to $1,000. 60%
    C.  $1,001 to $1,500. 7%
    D.  $1,501 to $2,000. 5%
    E.  More than $2,000. 0%

  23. How much do you spend on grooming equipment each year? (cages, tubs, dryers, bathing and vacuum systems)?

    A.  Under $1,000. 22%
    B.  $1,001 to $2,000. 62%
    C.  $2,001 to $3,000. 13%
    D.  $3,001 to $4,000. 22%
    E.  More than $4,000. 1%

  24. What is your average markup on resale merchandise?

    A.  40%. 40%
    B.  50%. 55%
    C.  60%. 3%
    D.  More than 60%. 2%

  25. How many square feet of floor space is allocated to reselling merchandise to your customers?

    A.  1,000 or more. 2%
    B.  500 to 999. 3%
    C.  251 to 499. 23%
    D.  100 to 250. 40%
    E.  Up to 100. 32%

  26. Do you lease any of your grooming equipment or caging systems?

    A.  Yes. 2%
    B.  No. 98%

  27. Do you use a credit card to make purchases of major grooming equipment or caging systems and then make monthly payments on those purchases?

    A.  Yes. 30%
    B.  No. 70%

  28. Have you ever gotten a bank or private loan in order to remodel your business?

    A.  Yes. 7%
    B.  No. 93%

  29. Do you have a credit card that you use just for your business purchases?

    A.  Yes. 4%
    B.  No. 59%

  30. How much would you be willing to spend for the best and most complete custom business software to run a professional grooming business of any size or type?

    A.  $999 or more. 10%
    B.  $500 to $999. 33%
    C.  Up to $499. 57%

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