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Terms & Conditions of Sponsor Participation & Limited or Unlimited Help Wanted Ad Submissions

Text Links Look Like This - Replace with Your Company Name
Sample Only: This one doesn't "link" you to another page or website.

Standard Banners look like this:
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400 pixels wide and 75 pixels tall precisely, GIF or JPG only
By clicking your banner visitors are linked to your website.

Diamond Level Sponsors "Mini Banners"

260 pixels wide and 35 pixels tall precisely, GIF or JPG only
By clicking your banner visitors are linked to your website.

By submitting your payment for advertising at you acknowledge your full agreement with the website's mission statement, disclaimer notice and privacy policy published in full detail You should not advertise without first reading the entirety of that page. You also agree to the following advertising terms and conditions:

Important (5/1/1997 to 2/29/2000): Within each level, sponsor links are arranged in a hierarchy from top to bottom based upon each sponsors the future annual renewal date, on the Home Page andSponsors Page. For example, Florida Institute (Platinum) has contracted for sponsorship advertising through 12/31/2002, and appears above all other Platinum sponsors, none whose future renewal date is past 12/31/2002. You can always easily determine your scheduled annual renewal date and current hierarchical placement by finding your listing on the Sponsors Page page. Full-size graphic banners on all other pages other than the Home Page and Sponsors Page are arranged by sponsor level only, starting with Platinum Plus and descending to Bronze. Within each sponsor level the full-size banners are not arranged by future annual renewal date like links on the Home Page and Sponsors Page due to time consuming complexities to manage such a strategy. You may renew early at any time before your scheduled renewal date, and thereby extend your expiration date, and likely raise your hierarchical placement for the time being. Ask the Webmaster for details if you have any questions about your text link and banner placements. Currently, advertising may be contracted and paid for through 12/31/2001 (latest future annual renewal date). On July 1, 2000 pre-paid advertising commitments will be extended to 6/30/2002. A "new" graphic is placed next to all sponsors new to any category for a period of at least 60 days from the date they enter that category.

Effective 3/1/2000: The guidelines for the hierarchy of links on the Home Page and Sponsors Page will be modified in order to respect those advertisers that have become long term client sponsors of and so that all sponsors know better at all times where there links on these two pages are situated. Effective 3/1/2000 all new sponsor links on the Home Page and Sponsors Page will be ranked in a hierarchy based on the start date of the sponsorship, and not their expiration date. This honors long term sponsors of, and means far less adjustments in the time ahead. To maintain a sponsor listing in its appropriate placement all installment payments, or annual renewals, must be received on time. If payment is received more than 5 days late, a new sponsorship period will be calculated and posted, and placement adjusted according to the new start date. If a sponsorship is allowed to expire, and later the sponsor returns, the start date of any prior sponsorship is not valid, and the start date shall the date of the newer annual sponsorship. Exceptions: Sponsors with current accounts prior to 3/1/2000 shall be subject to this new policy with the following exceptions. Those sponsors who had contracted or paid for advertising through 12/31/01 prior to 3/1/2000 and gained higher positioning according to the guidelines prior to 3/1/2000 (see above) will not affected by these new guidelines through 12/31/01, and on 1/1/02 their placements on the Home Page and Sponsors Page will be adjusted to the new guidelines of 3/1/2000. As of 3/1/2000 paid advertising is still being accepted through 12/31/01, and the benefit of paying in advance shall now be simply that by paying in advance the sponsor is guaranteed their advertising at the rate quoted when the payment is accepted. Should there be an increase in advertising rates, prepaid advertisers will not be billed for advertising increases during their prepaid advertising period. New or continued advertising contracted thereafter is subject to renewal at the current rates at the time the advertising is contracted. Sponsors upgrading to a higher or lower level of sponsorship will have their sponsorship beginning and ending dates recalculated based on the date they enter the new sponsor level, and this new entry date will be used in determining the appropriate hierarchy position of their links on the Home Page and Sponsors Page according to the guidelines effective 3/1/2000. Sponsors may have pet grooming services offered listings at Find A Groomer Directory for pet owners at no charge if they also offer pet grooming services. Sponsors should check to see if they have previously listed there. Sponsors with grooming services listed in Find A Groomer Directory are required to personally add, check, maintain or delete their listings which are not included in sponsor advertising and free to all grooming business owners.

Effective 2/1/02: Platinum Level advertising at minimum offers 15 banners on 15 different pages, at least 1 assigned to the Classified Ads and 1 to the World Directory.

Effective 11/1/02: Platinum Level advertising is 7 banners on 7 different pages, and Gold Plus is 2 to 4 banners on 2 to 4 different pages. It is mandatory that one banner of these allotments are assigned to a classified ad, and one banner to the Resources Directory (new name) listing.

(3) To be eligible to purchase banner add-on groups (see for a listing of them) the sponsor must maintain a minimum entry level Platinum or Diamond level account. If the minimum level Platinum or Diamond is not renewed for any reason including default of the renewal payment, any and all of the sponsor's banner add-on group advertising may be cancelled by / Find A Groomer Inc. See additional details below. Our cancellation policy is as follows. Most Gold Plus and Platinum sponsors may cancel at any time after their first 6 months of consecutive advertising and receive a pro rated refund of any prepaid advertising within 30 days less a modest cancellation fee noted in the table below.

Platinum Plus and Diamond Sponsors provided discounts in figuring their annual advertising fees are subject to alternate cancellation policies. They may receive pro rated refunds for prepaid advertising, but first the total value of their discounts will be voided for not completing the advertising period and become due and payable with the limitation that they shall not owe more than the total amount of their annual advertising package being terminated. They will be billed for advertising provided at the higher rate without discounts when figuring their refund of prepaid advertising for advertising not provided. Because of the steep discounts provided to Diamond Sponsors, cancellations subject to this policy may result in little or no refunds. Therefore we encourage the Diamond Sponsor to view their purchase of Diamond Level advertising as an annual commitment. Some Diamond Sponsor contracts may contain language that prohibits refunds of any kind after a stated advertising period of time.

There is a 6 month minimum advertising period for all advertisers. After this minimum advertising period, cancellations during an active prepaid advertising period are subject to cancellation fees unless otherwise stated in a signed advertising contract. When applicable, the following cancellation charges based on your advertising level will be deducted as appropriate from your pro rated refund. These cancellation charges are intended to help cover the initial setup labor and other expenses we incur in setting up your advertising and account. We do not otherwise charge setup fees. Advertisers with an active advertising agreement are subject only to cancellation fees and terms expressed in their agreements. Cancellation requests must be provided in writing. Additional cancellation charges may apply to prepaid advertising for banner add-on groups cancelled when a sponsors minimum Platinum or Diamond account is in default and discontinued. See additional details below. We require 30 days cancellation notice. These cancellation fees and minimum advertising periods are subject to change and may not apply based upon separate advertising agreements between our companies. If you accept a discount for making 1 annual payment at any sponsor level the advertising fees are nonrefundable for early cancellation. Pro-rated refunds of prepaid advertising without cancellation fees or minimum advertising periods will be made only in the event that is removed from publication.

Diamond Level Platinum - 6 month advertising minimum.
Platinum Plus - 6 month advertising minimum plus flat $150 cancellation fee.
Platinum - 6 month advertising minimum plus flat $100 cancellation fee.
Gold Plus - 6 month advertising minimum plus flat $75 cancellation fee.

(4) and Find A Groomer, Inc. provide banner and text link impression statistics on a private page for Gold and higher level sponsors on a monthly basis. Impressions are the number of times the text link or banner is viewed by an Internet visitor, not necessarily "clicked" by them. Click-through statistics are not provided.

(5)You may request specific pages where you would like your banners placed and the Webmaster will inform you of the availability of each requested page. No sponsor may have more than one banner on the same page. Diamond Sponsors have priority over all other levels of sponsorship. Platinum sponsor banners have priority over Gold Plus and Gold banners, and Gold Plus banners have priority over Gold sponsor banners. Gold Plus $500 year sponsors may have their banners or links placed below Gold Plus $750 year sponsors on the same page, or where multiple pages are involved in the same category, Gold Plus $500 year sponsors many have their banners posted on subsequent pages after Gold Plus $750 year sponsors as needed.

(6) You will be contacted at least 30 days prior to your scheduled annual renewal date of your banner advertising with a request for renewal and an invoice for your renewal fee at the current rate. Failure to pay your renewal fee in full prior to the expiration date will be deemed as your cancellation and your banners removed on the day following your expiration date, unless you have made other arrangements with our webmaster at A grace period to hold expired advertising while making a late payment may be requested in writing with the Webmaster prior to the expiration date. Rights to automatic renewal of any advertising is only granted by mutual agreement in a written advertising contract.

(7) Quarterly billing is available for Platinum, Platinum Plus and Diamond Level sponsors only. You may request another special billing arrangement without guarantee. Semi-annual billing is available to all levels of sponsorship.

(8) All advertising rates and availability are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

(9) Classified Ads for sponsors include a choice of displaying their banner only, or a banner and text of 400 characters and spaces.

(10) If at any time an existing sponsor terminates their sponsorship, or lets terminate their sponsorship by non-payment of advertising charges due, or other reason terminating their sponsorship, and thereafter requests a resumption of advertising at, they will be treated as a new account subject to the policies and procedures for new sponsors effective at the time they resume sponsorship. Further, their start date (see 2 above) shall be the date of their new account, and that of their account(s) which terminated, and the new start date shall apply to all banner placement hierarchies.

(11) Webmaster reserves the right to suspend additional banner postings to any page at in order to prevent a page from being overloaded such that a site visitor with a 28.8 modem would have to wait more than 2 minutes to load.

(12) Upgrades or downgrades in sponsorship level are allowed. For purposes of placing your Home Page and Sponsor Page hypertext link, the original start date of sponsorship at any level is used for the first continuous advertising is used, but when you upgrade or downgrade to a different level, your advertising link is moved and placed at the bottom of the new level.

(13) Upgrades from Bronze, Gold or Gold Plus levels to Platinum, or Platinum to Diamond require an upfront payment of at least one quarterly payment less any pro rated refund credits for prepayment at previous level. The actual amount due will be provided at the discretion of the Webmaster.

(14) Effective September 1, 2000, upgrades to Platinum or above from any level below Platinum now have their hypertext link placement on Home Page recalculated for placement. Instead of using the original start date of sponsorship in a level below Platinum, the sponsor entering Platinum will be placed at the bottom of the other current Platinum sponsor links. This same condition applies to Gold sponsors upgrading to Gold Plus or higher levels.

(15) Effective February 1, 2001 the Bronze Level sponsorship is closed for new enrollment. Active Bronze Level accounts of that date will continue to have their text link maintained on the Home Page for as long as their account remains current without any lapse whatsoever. If the account does lapse due to any reason including late or non-payment, the sponsor will need to enroll as a Gold or higher sponsor, and receive the advertising provided in the program chosen at the time of new enrollment. Sponsors desiring to spend $100 a year or less should consider a deluxe Classified Ad with graphics and extensive text area. Contact Stephen, Webmaster at 209-532-5222 for details.

(16) Effective February 1, 2001 all new Gold Level sponsorships no longer include a text hyperlink on the Home Page. Active Gold Level accounts on that date will continue to have their text link maintained on the Home Page for as long as their account remains current without any lapse whatsoever. If the account does lapse due to any reason, including late or non-payment, the sponsor may re-enroll in the Gold or higher programs and receive the advertising provided in the program at the time of new enrollment.

(17) We reserve the right to make design changes to one or more pages of that may contain advertising, including eliminating advertising on any page. However, any advertising removed from a page will be transferred to another page of same or similar marketing and advertising importance.

(18) Guide pages have limited advertising space. Banner advertising on Guide pages is open to Gold Plus or higher sponsors only.

(19) Sponsors participating in limited or unlimited submission of help wanted ads agree to provide 90 days notice of renewal or cancellation of their sponsor advertising. If notice of renewal or cancellation is not received by that date, will continue banner advertising until the advertising period completes, but new help wanted ads will be not be processed and published without notice of renewal. f timely cancellation notice is given help wanted ad submissions will cease 90 days prior to the end of the advertising period. Help wanted ads posted 91 days or earlier will continue to published until the advertising period concludes.

(20) Effective August 28, 2003, Gold Plus and higher sponsorships include a text hyperlink on the Home Page except Diamond sponsors only are given a banner placement replacing a plain hypertext link.

(21) Advertising statistics are made available only for banner impressions throughout and hypertext links on the Home Page. 60 days after terminating advertising statistics may be removed permanently and no longer kept in our files in any retrievable manner. No clickthrough statistics are provided due to cost restrictions which would require us to raise our advertising fees. We can assist you to contract an outside service company to provide you this information directly.

(22) Platinum Plus (Platinum Plus terminated 8/27/03) sponsorships do not include corporate sponsorships available for Find A Groomer or World Directory of Grooming. Platinum Plus sponsor may purchase ore or both of these latter corporate sponsorships for an additional fee above their required Platinum Plus advertising requirements. Corporate sponsors are not considered Gold, Gold Plus, Platinum or Platinum Plus sponsors unless they also purchase this advertising in addition to their selected corporate sponsorships for either or both, Find A Groomer or World Directory of Grooming.

(23) If we have provide complimentary labor to create or edit a web page or web site for you in order to advertise at, the cost of our labor and costs advanced to create your web site may be billed to you upon cancellation of your advertising regardless of the reason for cancellation. The maximum amount you may be billed for labor is $120 per web page up to maximum of $1,000 for multiple pages constituting a web site hosted on our server, or yours.

(24) Effective August 27, 2003 the Platinum Plus Level is terminated, and Diamond Level is initiated. Diamond Level provides special recognition for Platinum sponsors whose NET annual advertising (after any discounts or agency fees) is $7,500 a year or more. Of this amount, $3,500 (subject to change) a year is allocated to the "Diamond Mini Banner Package" for Diamond Level only sponsors. Mini Banners are 260 pixels wide and 35 pixels tall.

(25) We accept U.S. checks and money orders, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for payment. Payments from outside U.S. are best made by major credit cards, however, we accept foreign checks or drafts when made they remit U.S. funds and are drawn on a U.S. bank only.

(26) Effective January 1, 2004 advertising contracts with exclusive presence restrictions are generally not favored unless they meet these requirements. To be considered they must fall within these prescribed advertising objective categories, 1) Groomer Recruitment, 2) Distributorships and/or 3) Franchises. At the time a contract with exclusives is accepted and becomes effective, existing sponsors within the involved categories shall not have their advertising cancelled but may continue their existing advertising program as long as they renew on time by making prepayment of their advertising as usual. Thereafter, new or returning sponsors (expired advertising within the involved categories) that fall within the involved categories may be prevented from advertising. Each request is handled on a case-to-case basis. Please contact the Webmaster.

(27) All advertising is sold and provided on a prepaid basis. When advertising expires it may be immediately removed from Advertising may also be removed when all prepaid advertising funds have been accrued and no new prepaid funds have been remitted to Find A Groomer Inc. prior to accrual of the prepaid funds. No grace period is automatically provided for late payments but may be arranged without guarantee by contacting the Webmaster.

(28) There are no limits to the number of sponsors of in any sponsor level. We reserve the right to create a limit in one or all of the sponsor levels.

(29) When the sponsor's minimum Platinum, Platinum Plus or Diamond account is not renewed for any reason including default on payment of the renewal fee, all of their other prepaid advertising commonly known as "banner add-on groups" may be discontinued at the discretion of A Groomer Inc. since banner add-on groups are only made available to current Platinum or higher sponsors. When Find A Groomer Inc. exercises this option a refund will be made to the sponsor for all prepaid advertising as of the cancellation date less a cancellation fee of 25% of the actual banner add-on group cost at the time the sponsor purchased the banner add-on group. Refunds will be made within 30 days of the cancellation date.

(30) When completed properly your Resources Directory Listing From entitles you to a free listing (no banner advertising or graphics) in the Online Edition. We do not guarantee that your listing will be in any other formats such as the CD-ROM edition, Adobe PDF Download Booklet or Direct Mail Booklet. Advertising sponsors of are typically published in these alternate formats and will be advised of when they will be published in them. However, banner advertising programs do NOT guarantee sponsors that they will be published, or continue to be published, these alternate formats. They are complimentary unless otherwise arranged by a separate contract. Banner advertising sponsors are guaranteed that their advertising will be published online at

(31) Effective March 1, 2006 a new form of the Platinum Plus level will be restored to to distinguish those Platinum Level sponsors spending $3,750.00 to $7,499.99 a year ($7,500 or greater upgrades to Diamond Level. Platinum Plus sponsors will be ranked above Platinum sponsors. Fees are subject to change.

(32) Effective April 1, 2009 Diamond and Platinum Plus will be enrolled in a special "sequential loading banner" on all web pages of the GroomerTALK Community web site and at select high traffic pages at web site. Diamond banners will get twice or more the banner impressions of the Platinum Plus sponsors. There is no additional charge for this new feature.

(33) There are no refunds of prepaid advertising at any sponsor level when you accept discounts on annual advertising plans in return for your making one annual payment. Pro rated refunds will only be made on prepaid advertising should online be discontinued by Find A Groomer Inc. These terms may be adjusted in joint agreement and in writing by requesting an advertising contract prior to starting your advertising.

Call: 800-556-5131 and ask for Stephen, Webmaster. Outside U.S. 360-446-5348
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