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Sponsor of the Creative Grooming Gallery

Effective 2007 members of the GroomerTALK Message Board also post their photos directly in the Creative Grooming Forum on the board, take a look!

Groom Expo 2007 Barkleigh Creative Winner, Meggan Mulcahy, with her entry, "Charmed." (Photo by Animal Photography)

Angela Kumpe
Annette Bamper (Joker Pride)
Annette Bamper (Hippy)
Margaret Gummerson
Lisa Bartanusz
Sha Tice
Tina Nichols
Sharon Hall
Mary Oldham
Dawn (Keep'n It Colorful)
Dawn (Keep'n It Colorful)
Dawn (Picasso's Poodle)
Claudia Nowak
Chanel Owens & Alma Wetzler
Tammy Vranich 2001
Tammy Vranich
Natasha Jakovac
Debbie Meyer
Donna Owens 1992
Donna Owens 1993
Donna Owens 1994
Donna Owens 1993
Donna Owens 1995
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