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Fabulous Creative Grooming Cupcake Contest

1st Place $100      2nd Place $50

Open to GroomerTALK Members

Winners Announced Below in July 2011



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We loved all the entries, so we put everyone's name in a hat and drew winners.

Beth Rex won first prize and Lynn Paolillo took second prize.




Brianna Payne

I have 3 cupcakes. I pink poodle, a before dirty dog, and an after clean dog. For the pink poodle I used cake, fondant, and pink butter cream. The before dog is the same but with marshmallows and cocoa powder for the "dirty" look. The after dog also the same only with white butter cream.



Kara Dibble (kdgroomer)

I used mini M&Ms for one of the Poodle's eyes. I used swirl marshmallows for the topknot and the ears. Glitter gel for outlines and bows.



Lynn Paolillo (lytttleravyn)

Here are my Komondor cupcakes made with Fondant (grass, body shapes), white icing for cords, brown sprinkles for eyes and pieces of raisins for noses!



Beth Rex (wanderingpaws)

It's summertime and that means time for the infamous Once a Year grooms. This delightful cupcake series shows a typical styling journey. Or, what we in the biz call 'a groom'. First, the filthy, dirty, overgrown, probably matted-but-who-can-tell subject. I call him Fuzzy. After assessing Fuzzy, enjoy a close up view of the clipping process. Our chocolate dipped clipper (complete with silver sugar blade) zips right through that nasty coat! And what better way to pay for those clippers than collecting hair for the Dirty Hair Project! Every CFMG has a box for Greer Labs! Next, to get Fuzzy squeaky clean. He enjoys a bubbly soak with just his ears and tail above water. See, cats love baths! Finally, a clean, happy Fuzzy. Who would ever guess such a handsome kitty lurked underneath all that cocoa powder and coconut? Take a look at that Before and After! Fuzzy's pink nose and ears are crafted from the stalest Starburst I've ever experienced. Like a rock, baby. His pretty green eyes are jumbo sugar confetti with black icing dye. His bubbly bath suds are also confetti. Sugar cookies were cut to form the base for his ears, as well as his body in the bath. Ok! That was fun! Cleaning up my kitchen won't be....I better not quit my day job. I do far, FAR better styling real felines than I do cupcake kitties!



Kailie Givenchy (G.Groomer)

My entry is called "Pooches in Tub ~ Promise not to Quit my Day Job"! I hang my head in shame as my appreciation to all cup cake decorators out there continue their craft. I am almost ashamed of my attempt at this art and I request you do not judge my grooming talents and skills against my cupcake decorating "efforts". The only thing I can tell you is that after all was said and done, I made a commitment to enter this competition and had to stick to my word ... oh, and say that they actually tasted pretty darn good!

* red velvet cup cakes
* cream cheese icing piped to make "bath water"
* marshmallow fondant - the YUM part! for dog heads.
* various frosting decorations and sugar crystals for eyes, noses and bubbles etc.
* a bit of Ovaltine for a poor attempt at making a 'brown dog' - good grief
* red icing for tongue...yes, that's supposed to be a tongue!

Good luck, I hope there were some truly fabulous entries to counteract my disaster!





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