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PA Academy of Grooming
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Groomadog Academy - Resident School
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Groomadog Academy - Distance Learning Home Study
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Sensational Stylings Academy (IL)
 Since 11/2006 Call 815-469-2243
Michigan School of K9 Cosmetology
 Since 8/2007
Super Styling Sessions / Canine Grooming Secrets DVDs
 Since 11/2007
Nanhall Prof. School of Pet Grooming
 Since 4/2008
Amber's Academy of Pet Styling (CA)
 Since 9/2009
American Grooming Academy (CA)
 Since 9/2009
Academy of Animal Arts (FL)
 Since 2/2011
Texas Allbreed Grooming School
 Since 9/2011
Golden Paws School of Dog Styling (TX)
 Since 11/2007
O.C. Academy of Pet Styling (CA)
 Since 11/2007
Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy (CA)
 Since 11/2007
The Dapper Dog School of Prof. Gr. (MA)
 Since 11/2007
Just 4 Paws Academy of Styling (PA)
 Since 11/2007
Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy (KY)
 Since 11/2008
Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy (WI)
 Since 11/2008
Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy (PA)
Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy (IN)
 Since 3/2009
Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy (NY)
 Since 7/2010
Golden Paws Pet Styling Academy (IL)
 Since 9/2011
Skills, Business & School Consultation
 Since 11/2008

Gold Plus Level 1
School/Home Study/Jobs

Academy of Dog Grooming Arts (IL)
 Since 9/2000
Amer. Acad.  of Pet Grooming (NYC)
 Since 7/2002
New York School of Dog Grooming
 Since 9/2002
South Carolina School of Grooming
 Since 6/2003
Canine Clippers School Grooming (VA)
 Since 2/2004
Pets Playground Grooming School (FL)
 Since 2/2006
Cindy's Canine Comp. Grooming Classes (PA)
 Since 3/2008
Oregon Pet Grooming Academy (OR)
 Since 11/2010
Merryfield School of Pet Grooming (FL)
 Since 12/2010
National Cat Groomers Institute of America (Feline School) (SC)
 Since 8/2010

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