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Welcome to My Pet's Face Photo Contest 2010 - Archive

Groomadog Academy is both an onsite school and home study provider for many years. For this contest Groomadog Academy has donated their top $1,200 home course, Extensive All Breed Home Study.

Division 1 - Career Seekers / New Groomers

Prize: Groomadog Academy All Breed Dog Grooming Course by Home Study - $1,200 Value

Division 2 - Experienced Groomers

Prize: Metro Master Blaster HV Dryer MB3 8 HP
Approximately $340 Value

Groomadog Academy (Onsite School & Home Study)
Extensive All Breed Dog Grooming Home Study
Our Acting Judges for both Divisions too.

certificate150.jpgExtensive All Breed Dog Grooming is our main online course that we offer. If you want to change careers or critique the skills you already have, this is the course for you. You'll learn how to turn the clippers on to how to open your own business. We teach the five basic haircuts, then we teach the minor changes needed to turn one of these haircuts into any of the AKC breeds. Our correspondence students are doing as well as our residence students taking our 340 hour course. Includes toll-free phone number for your instructor and private bulletin board to talk with other students and graduates.

Metro Blaster Dryers

#27 "Lexi" Wallace White


Highlighted in PINK below. Groomadog Academy wishes everyone to know they loved every photo and it took hours and hours to somehow choose a winner from so many wonderful entries.

Further Grooming Academy is extending to ALL Runner-Up entrants, and EVERYONE that entered but didn't win, a discount on their goods and services.

Runner-ups will receive a 25% discount good for the next 90 days, and all other entrants will receive a 10% discount for the next 90 days from the conclusion to the contest. Simply contact Kathy at Groomadog Academy and mention this offer and that you entered the My Pet's Face Contest.


#12 "Luna" Bernie Rogers


Highlighted in PINK below. Groomadog Academy wishes everyone to know they loved every photo and it took hours and hours to somehow choose a winner from so many wonderful entries.


Highlighted in blue below. Because of the large number of entries Groomadog Academy also shared some additional picks that made it into their semi-finals and wanted the groomers to know they were that close.

Home Course Specs at
Plus on-site school too.
Dryer Specs at

Division 1 Entries

Division 2 Entries


Temporarily disable any pop-up blockers if you cannot view photos.

1 "Princess" Christine Williams View
2 "Bear" Christine Williams View
3 "Mufassah" Christine Williams View
4 "Whiskey" Lillian Torres View
5 "Sugar" Bozena Sommer View
6 "Cubby" Bozena Sommer View
7 "Kiah" Krystl Raven View
8 "Bellla" Krystl Raven View
9 "Mona May" Erica Patton View
10 "Benjamin" Natalie Williams View
11 "Kenya" Mieshia McIlwain View
12 "Jade" Kate Dacey View
13 "Abbey" Elyssa Marshall View
14 "Lexi" Allison Gomes View
15 "Blanca" Julene Meier View
16 "Tux" Kendal Walters View
17 "Poke" Dolly Stokes View
18 "Zieva" Stephanie Walls View
19 "D'Argo" Diane Turner View
20 "Iris" Diane Turner View
21 "Chewy" Diane Turner View
22 "Bullwinkle" Nora Pridham View
23 "Pride's Princess Jasmine" Nora Pridham View
24 "Vivi" Nora Pridham View
25 "Precious" Dolly Stokes View
26 "Arwen" Danyel Hagerty View
27 "Lexi" Wallace White View
1st Place
28 "Revie" Lindsay Cullen View
29 "Crickett" Dana Flowers View
30 "Missi Mu" Dana Flowers View
31 "Smiley" Ashley Pelletier View
32 "Cherie" Debra Voorhorst View
33 "Gracie" Debra Voorhorst View
34 "Charlie" Lemuela Manuel View
35 "Dallas" Emily Roach View
36 "Alize" Linda Fitzgerald View
37 "Chippy" Mark Nicolas View
38 "Ayumi" Mark Nicolas View
39 "Yoko" Mark Nicolas View
40 "Baxter" Debra Voorhorst View
41 "Moe" Jennifer Haney View
42 "Goofy" Jennifer Haney View
43 "Buckaroo" Kathy Young View
44 "Chula" Kathy Young View
45 "Bipo" Kaitlin Maria Goodin View
46 "Ellie" Jaclyn Sutton View
47 "Lucy" Jaclyn Sutton View
48 "Falicia" Shannon Barrett View
49 "Jolie" Shannon Barrett View
50 "Parker" Ashley Lawson View
51 "Alex" Julie Garcia View
52 "Fai" Julie Garcia View
53 "Odessa" Brianna Payne View


Temporarily disable any pop-up blockers if you cannot view photos.

1 "Lacey" Kim Davies View
2 "Tulsa" Kathy McFall View
3 "Caderyn von Walkntall" Odette Scott View
4 "Austin" Zoe Zimmer View
5 "Dori" Kathy McFall View
6 "Rocco" Katie Calkins View
7 "Reny" Jennifer Rutzler View
8 "Smoky" Jennifer Rutzler View
9 "Fire" Jennifer Rutzler View
10 "Monte" Kimberly Stuber View
11 "Dreamy" Bernie Rogers View
12 "Luna" Bernie Rogers View
1st Place
13 "Zeek" Katie Calkins View
14 "Noshee" Kerrie Rousey View
15 "Cyrus" Lisa Rojas, Minneapolis, MN View
16 "Skippy" Lisa Rojas, Minneapolis, MN View
17 "Spike" Lisa Rojas, Minneapolis, MN View
18 "Ella" Yolanda Torres, Montclair, CA View
19 "Behr" Rachael Menke, Wheeling, IL View
20 "Stevie Girl" Christy Oja, Apple Valley, MN View
21 "Winston" Christy Oja, Apple Valley, MN View
22 "Wags" Christy Oja, Apple Valley, MN View
23 "Lucy" Karen Goodale, Portland, OR View
24 "Holly" Karen Goodale, Portland, OR View
25 "Alice" Laura Warden, Harrisburg, PA View
26 "Ella" Laura Warden, Harrisburg, PA View
27 "Windy" Deanna Knighten, Pittsboro, IN View
28 "Tex" Deanna Knighten, Pittsboro, IN View
29 "Jackson" Deanna Knighten, Pittsboro, IN View
30 "Wally Boy" Andrea Mears, Belgrade, MT View
31 "Jackson Brown" Andrea Mears, Belgrade, MT View
32 "Emmy" Rachelle Dye View
33 "Sully" Rachelle Dye View
34 "Tango" Rachelle Dye View
35 "Mollie Sue" Tammy Vaughn View
36 "Vixie" Kyndra Blackman View
37 "Rogue" Amber Jarrett View
38 "Calypso" Amber Jarrett View
39 "Apollo" Amber Jarrett View
40 "Toby" Olga Overton View
41 "Charlie" Olga Overton View
42 "Latti" Christein Sertzel View
43 "Luthor" Christein Sertzel View
44 "Cordelia" Amanda Cantrell View
45 "Gizmo" Amanda Cantrell View
46 "Princess Fiona" Misty Gieczys View
47 "Jager" Tiffany Duffy View
48 "Fernet" Tiffany Duffy View
49 "Penny" Lauren Hanna View
50 "Brady" Susan Comeau View
51 "Blaze" Jennifer Lavelle View
52 "Milo" Jennifer Lavelle View
53 "Mia" Jennifer Lavelle View
54 "Harley" Denise Toth View
55 "Anyi" Christein Sertzel View
56 "Beenie" Cathy Tyerman View
57 "Hattie" Cathy Tyerman View
58 "Beenie" Cathy Tyerman View
59 "Ginger Pie" Laura Zipay View
60 "Thor" Laura Zipay View
61 "Mr. Darcy" Marissa Hancock View
62 "Jesse" Ellen Ehrlich View
63 "Annabelle" Cindy Beauman View
64 "Romeo" Cindy Beauman View
65 "Sandy" Cindy Beauman View
66 "StirFry" Annette Kane View
67 "Isabella" Annette Kane View
68 "Lyric" Bernie Rogers View
69 "Bimini" Ginger Pepple View
70 "Pinky" Amanda Wishart View
71 "Babalu" Amanda Wishart View
72 "Sophia Ragdoll" Annette Kane View
73 "Daisy" Laura Civello View
74 "Hunter" Katrina Sweenor Civello View
75 "Francine" Katie Calkins, NCMG View
76 "Frankie" Lisa Ware View
77 "Kiko" Debra Rohman View
78 "Kenna" Debra Rohman View
79 "Bowsman" Cathleen Burnett View
80 "Mittens" Cathleen Burnett View
81 "Brody" Nicole Kallish View
82 "Honey Dog" Teresa Helmer View
83 "Grizzy" Daffanee Johnson View
84 "Benny" Daffanee Johnson View
85 "Tinker" Daffanee Johnson View
86 "Shoney" Melisia Hamilton View
87 "Kano" Melisia Hamilton View
88 "Lilly Rose" Karen Wess View
89 "Buckaroo" Karen Wess View
90 "Bridget" Sarah Moylan View
91 "Pearl" Sarah Moylan View
92 "Lil Man" Elaine Janes View
93 "Gracie" Elaine Janes View
94 "Winston" Elaine Janes View
95 "Cameo" Renee' Bartis View
96 "Lance" Terri Allen-Hall View
97 "Kricket" Jo Angela Stirewalt View
98 "Star" Jo Angela Stirewalt View
99 "Bruschi" Dawn Marshall View
100 ""Moe" Elaine Carter View
101 "Maxine" Liz Chorney View
102 "Trouble" Liz Chorney View
103 "Drake" Diane Sammarco View
104 "Holly" Diane Sammarco View
105 "Markus" Diane Sammarco View
106 "Cooper" Misty Gieczys View
107 "Kate" Laura Zipay View
108 "Squishy" Kathy McFall View
109 "Brodie" Erin Percival View
110 "Sophie" Cindy Stone View
111 "Rylee" Cindy Stone View
112 "Lexi" Cindy Stone View
113 "Hershey" Jane Cohen View
114 "Boogie" Susan Kinser View
115 "Puma" Sherri King View
116 "Princess Dixie Lee Poodey" Ginger Pepple View
117 "Abby" Lori McAlister View
118 "Brandi" Merissa Corrigan View
119 "Isadora" Lara Latshaw View
120 "Spike" Elaine Carter View
121 "Dinx" Tammy Vaughn View
122 "Carson" Susan Kinser View
123 "Abby" Susan Kinser View
124 "Ripley" Erica Bowles View
125 "Hiro" Erica Bowles View
126 "Snowball" Erica Bowles View
127 "Fezzik" Sarah Pearson View
128 "Mira" Sarah Pearson View
129 "Connie" Edward Dobbin View
130 "Allie" Amber Keller View
131 "Clinton" Amber Keller View
132 "Patriot" Amber Keller View
133 "Kyrah" Sarah Pearson View
134 "Bowie" Martin Maier View
135 "Spooner" Leah Shirokoff View
136 "Nicky" Judi Stratton View
137 "Charles" Martin Maier View
138 "Chance" Renee' Bartis View
139 "Rex" Nicole Kallish View
140 "Augie" Nicole Kallish View
141 "Grover" Carol Rappaport-Fish View
142 "Vendome" Carol Rappaport-Fish View
143 "Joli" Betty Moore View
144 "Lightening" Betty Moore View
145 "Stormy" Betty Moore View
146 "Samantha" Beth Cohen View
147 "Olivia" Kimberly Allen View
148 "Mama Kitty" Kimberly Allen View
149 "Lucy" Liz Tunstall View
150 "Meathead" Janice Anderson View
151 "Nosin'" Janice Anderson View
152 "Booganan'" Janice Anderson View
153 "Jasmine'" Lea Ann Pullen View
154 "Kirby'" Lea Ann Pullen View
155 "Max'" Lea Ann Pullen View
How to Enter and Official Rules

Important Photo Guidelines
  • We're looking for that wonderful expression of character unique to your pet's face. Show us with a photo by entering the My Pet's Face Contest at

  • Below we have provided some sample photos which give you an idea of how to photograph your pet's face. Remember the contest is about your pet's FACE. Your photo should focus on your pet's FACE. In other words, your photo should be a close-up. Small dogs or cats may of course have more of their body showing because of their small size, but notice the cat photo below. The cat photo focuses on the cat's face. This is a good example of what we are looking for as a face shot. In the middle top row notice how the photo of a large dog focuses on the dog's head/face. Again, this is a good example of what we are looking for because by it's title, this contest is about your pet's FACE.

  • Your pet must be a dog or cat and you must be the owner of the pet(s).

  • You can enter a total of 3 photos, but each photo must be of a DIFFERENT PET, and all 3 must be entered into the same division. You cannot enter 2 or more photos of the same pet.

  • There should only be ONE PET in any photo you enter. Please, no pets in the background, and no people, not even you, the pet owner. See the photos below, no people, no other pets, just portrait shots of pets.

  • You must be the owner of pet(s) you enter.

  • "Photoshop" or picture enhancement with photo software is acceptable on a strictly limited basis. You may use photo software to sharpen, remove red eye spots, and to balance colors to natural colors distorted by flash and other lighting. Please do not send photos with "effects" such as adding stars and sparkles, reflections, halos, blurred or softened edges, cropped shaping and similar effects. If this were a photography contest these enhancements would matter, but we are looking for clear pictures of your pet's expression communicated well in very lightly retouched photos as mentioned previously.

How to Submit Your Photo Entry(s)

  • Important. Send only 1 pet per entry. You must send a separate email per entry. If you enter 3 different pets, you should send 3 emails, 1 per pet entry. We are not accepting entries by postal mail, only email.

  • Important. Each email entry should include your legal name, postal mail address, telephone. Add the following for each entry: State the Division # you are entering (either #1 or #2), 1 photo of your pet's face, your pet's name.

  • Important. You cannot enter BOTH Divisions. Enter 1 to 3 entries in ONE Division only.

  • Important. Photos must in JPG (best) or GIF (not best for photos) formats only please. Your photo will be resized by our office as need to approximately the size of the cat photo above, about 300 pixels wide. Again, that's why a close-up shot is important.

  • We strongly encourage you to pay attention to the quality of your photo(s). Red eye spots and other glares in your pet eyes will lower the quality of your entries and chances of winning. Avoid blurry or grainy photos please. See additional details below about judging.

  • Send your entries by email to:

  • Please allow several days for your photo(s) to be posted. It takes time to size and mount them on web pages. We will try to send a confirmation back when your email is received and we start working on it.

  • We are not responsible for emails that do not reach us. All entries will be posted on this web page.

  • You must send your entry(s) by 11:59 pm December 31, 2010.

  • The winners will be announced approximately Wednesday, January 5, 2011 on this web page and at the GroomerTALK Forum.

  • Please do NOT discuss your entry(s) on GroomerTALK Forum until after the winners are announced.


We will invite a representative of Groomadog Academy (online and onsite school) to participate as well as an officer of Find A Groomer Inc., owner of

Eligible entries for Division 1 (Career Seekers/New Groomers) will be judged as follows:

  • Pet's facial expression 75%

  • Photo composition and quality 25%

Eligible entries for Division 2 (Experienced Groomers) will be judged as follows:

  • Pet's facial expression 60%

  • Grooming 20% (This is not a grooming contest. We do expect, regardless of breed or mixed breed, clean attractive pets. Creative grooming is allowed (ensure it is legal in your area), but we will not be judging the quality of your creative efforts. We expect your grooming to ENHANCE the EXPRESSION and attractiveness of the pet shown.)

  • Photo composition and quality 20%

Any photo that appears to be causing distress, discomfort, discredit or danger to a pet may be disqualified.

Additional Official Rules

Contest Period

Entries accepted December 2, 2010 to 11:59 pm December 31, 2010. Winners will be announced online approximately January 5, 2011.

Acceptance of Terms

The My Pet's Face Contest is solely part of owned, operated and provided by Find A Groomer, Inc. to you free of charge, "as is," and subject to all applicable laws and regulations and the following Official Rules, which may be updated by Find A Groomer, Inc. from time to time without notice to you. You can review the most current version of the Official Rules at any time by coming to this web page. By accessing and participating in its games and promotions, you accept, without limitation or qualification, these Official Rules. In addition, when accessing this contest page, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services which may be posted from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into these Official Rules.

Automatic Disqualification Warning Notice for Entries

Find A Groomer, Inc. will comprise the entirety of Contests judges, and may invite a guest judge to participate which will be announced before judging begins.

Winners will be announced on this Contest page and the GroomerTALK Community forum at

Contests are provided "as is" without express or implied warranties of any kind, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. While the Contests use its best efforts to include accurate and up to date information Find A Groomer, Inc. makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. Find A Groomer, Inc. assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the content of the Contests. Find A Groomer, Inc. assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion, misdelivery or failure to store any user communication or personalization settings.

The Contests are subject to all applicable laws in any state or other jurisdiction. Participation in the games and promotions is void in every jurisdiction in which participation is prohibited by any law, statute, regulation or other appropriate authority. Find A Groomer, Inc. does not warrant that participation in the games and promotions at the Contests is permitted in any jurisdiction.

Find A Groomer, Inc. may, in its sole discretion and at any time, modify or discontinue the Contests; limit, terminate or suspend your use of or access to the Contests; and/or make changes to these Official Rules or the game specific official rules.


By participating in the Contests, you accept and agree to be bound by these Official Rules, the decision of the game judges which shall be final and binding in all respects, and by individual games and promotion official rules and regulations. Further, by participating in the Contest you agree to be bound by the Mission Statement, Disclaimer Notice and Privacy published at


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No purchase or fee is required to play or win the Contests. Contests are open to persons eighteen (18) years of age or older unless noted otherwise at the time they enter the contest.

The eligibility to receive prizes after winning any prize in the Contests are subject to all of the provisions contained in these Official Rules, without limitation. Should Find A Groomer, Inc. determine, in its sole discretion, that any visitor or entrant has violated any of the prohibitions contained in the Official Rules, Find A Groomer, Inc. shall have no obligation to award any prizes won by violators.

Find A Groomer, Inc. assumes no responsibility for lost, late or misdirected mail, email or electronic communication. Incomplete, illegible, or mutilated communications, will be disqualified.

Registration and Privacy Issues

All official entries to win prizes become the exclusive property of Find A Groomer, Inc., owner/operator/provider of Find A Groomer, Inc., may at its discretion continue to publish all entries without limitation. No limit to the duration of the display of entries shall be affected upon Find A Groomer, Inc.

By entering the Contest(s), you agree and accept that Find A Groomer, Inc. may be required to file certain information with various governmental agencies with respect to prizes exceeding certain amounts, and, in such event, an entrant that wins any such prize must complete any written materials that may be required by any such governmental agencies and will be requested to do so by Find A Groomer, Inc. Failure of an entrant to comply with Find A Groomer, Inc.'s request will result in the winners forfeiture of such prize. Winners are solely responsible for all Federal, state, local or other applicable taxes with respect to the prizes awarded by the Contest.

To read the complete Find A Groomer's Privacy Policy, see

Prizes and Prize Winners

Winners of Contests will receive a timely notification congratulating him/her on winning, usually within 30 days of the winners being announced. In most cases, the notification is in the form of an e-mail prompt notifying the entrant of his or her win, and a prize claim form by regular postal mail. Subject to the provisions of this paragraph and where appropriate, winnings are mailed by postal mail or courier WITHIN THIRTY (30) DAYS AFTER CONFIRMATION OF A VALID WIN CLAIM. In order to receive prizes, winning entrants must be eligible as described in these Official Rules. E-MAIL NOTIFICATIONS DO NOT CONSTITUTE A GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT OF ANY KIND. Find A Groomer, Inc. RESERVES THE RIGHT TO VERIFY THE ELIGIBILITY OF ALL WINNERS PRIOR TO MAKING ANY PAYMENT TO THEM OF ANY KIND. Find A Groomer, Inc. ALSO RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE PAYMENT TO ANY PERSONS WHO ARE NOT ELIGIBLE AS DESCRIBED IN THESE OFFICIAL RULES.

For a list of Prize Winners for any of the Contest, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

Find A Groomer, Inc.
P.O. Box 2489
Yelm, WA 98597

Residents of WA and VT may omit return postage on self-addressed envelopes. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of any requested winners list.

Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the prize winners.

Winners who provide only a PO Box on their entry or prize claim may be required to provide an alternate address for delivery of prizes.

When applicable, all taxes, meals, entertainment, tips, transportation, and all other items not specified herein or in the game specific official rules are the responsibility of the winner. The prize or prizes cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. All prizes are subject to availability. No substitution or transfer of prize permitted.

Winners will be notified by e-mail and receive a first class postal mail confirmation. All game winners may be required to submit valid identification to Find A Groomer, Inc. and to execute an Affidavit of Eligibility and Publicity and Liability Release Form within five (5) business days of first notification. Failure to comply within this time period may result in disqualification and awarding of the prize or winnings to another eligible entrants.
Limitations of Liability and Release

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