Home study does not replace all of the advantages of on-site school, including the convenience of having pets provided to groom. Unfortunately not everyone can attend an on-site pet grooming schools. Reasons may be economic hardship, or the inability to travel due to inflexible family commitments. Some career seekers are unsure if grooming is right for them. Starting out with home study can help them to discover their appropriateness as groomers.

Since 1997 we've read thousands of career seeker messages on the GroomerTALK  Message Board. Many think they must shelve their career goals because they cannot attend on-site schools. In the last decade we have expanded our message to them. Start with home study. Don't stymie career dreams.

New educational formats such as DVDs and streaming media are expanding the meaning of "home study." Even advanced groomers are catching on and using home study media published by award-winning groomers and school owners. It's time for every groomer to recognize the value of "home study."

Home study allows users to learn in the comfort of their homes or businesses, and to set the pace for their instruction, albeit with a personal on-site instructor. Home study media can be read and viewed over and over again as reinforcement training. If a groomer needs brush-up knowledge for an upcoming grooming assignment, they can refer to related home study on demand. What a great advantage!

Today new and experienced groomers can become even better groomers with advanced home study media, and it's ready now! Whether you are a beginner or advanced groomer home study promises to support you with information you need and further your reputation as a professional groomer or stylist.

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PetGroomer.com Sponsors Publishing Home Study Media

All About Dog Grooming Home Study Package - Since 1994

Dog grooming home study courses have become increasingly popular over the past several years. The home study method presents the opportunity for future dog groomers to learn at their own pace while maintaining their current employment and family responsibilities. Having started in 1994, this highly successful program is in it’s 18th year. The training manual is easy to read and comprehend. The 8 hour Video/DVD library makes the hands-on training experience easy to understand and accomplish. Critiquing of all work is personally done by the owner, a dog groomer of 35 years. A toll-free number is provided for friendly, personalized consultations as desired - day or night. Three different business plans are presented, teaching how to start, build and maintain a thriving business. A free marketing package is available. An optional, quality took kit is also available for purchase as well as a brand new package teaching how to build your own mobile dog grooming unit and business. This worldwide popular dog grooming home study package makes learning how to groom fun, affordable and attainable for everyone who is serious about a future in pet care. Please visit our website.

All About Mobile Dog Grooming is a training manual that will take you from the first step of deciding what vehicle to choose, all the way through the construction of the interior components, plumbing, electrical and climate control right down to the finishing touches of lettering your mobile shop. (And business operations too...but more on that later). What's more, not only will our detailed manual cover every aspect of construction, but you'll be able to watch us on DVD as we build a unit right before your eyes. What could be better than that? Some of you may know us from our successful home study grooming training package "All About Dog Grooming." We began our first mobile dog grooming business in 1975. That is 30+ lo-o-o-ng years ago. Back then very few people had any idea what the heck mobile dog grooming was. We almost felt like pioneers, leading the way into a new frontier. In short, we have taken the mystery and guess work out and can honestly say that, without a doubt, we are definitely authorities on the subject of self-constructed grooming units. This is not some small idea-generating booklet. It is a powerful training package that is sure to impress you and will compel you to move forward on your way to success. By the time you're finished, you will be the self-confident business owner you you've always desired to become. Please visit our website for more information.

Paragon School of Pet Grooming
Distance Learning Career Program and Salon Mentoring Program

Both Paragon Distance Learning Programs, Career Edition & Salon Mentoring Edition, are the most complete and comprehensive correspondence courses developed for the pet grooming industry. It represents the culmination over 30 years of real-world experience from master stylist Melissa Verplank and her team of exceptional pet groomers and trainers. The foundation of the Paragon Distance Learning Programs is the award winning books, Notes From the Grooming Table and Theory of Five, written by Melissa Verplank. With almost 500 pages of information and diagrams, these manuals are organized in an easy-to-understand format covering all aspects of professional pet grooming in detail. Notes From the Grooming Table has become the "Bible" of the pet grooming industry. That’s why successful pet groomers and stylists use Notes From the Grooming Table combined with its sister book, Theory of Five to establish successful grooming techniques in the shortest time possible.

The Distance Learning Career Program: is designed to fit the needs of highly motivated and confident individuals who have access to practice pets outside of the Paragon training center. Focus is on assisting students to become comfortable with pets, equipment and techniques necessary to become competent in a professional grooming setting. Students gather valuable, self-mentoring information that will allow them to achieve their professional goals with time and practice. Students concentrate on basic pet grooming of dogs including brushing, combing, clipping nails, cleaning ears, bathing, drying techniques, clipper and scissor finishing techniques as well as proper pattern setting for various breeds. Emphasis is placed on perfecting grooming skills while concentrating on proper breed profile, increasing speed, efficiency and developing maximum grooming potential. It is a comprehensive instructional package created to help you start a career as a professional pet groomer. The training focuses on a total of six text books to give you a systematic education on pet handling, official AKC breed standard information, canine terminology and pet grooming techniques. Complementing the text books is the Paragon Pet Styling DVD Series. Ms. Verplank and the Paragon Training Team of Certified Master Groomers and contest winning stylists will clearly show you how to execute the techniques outlined in Notes From the Grooming Table using a wide variety of pets in this DVD set. Included with your programs are the Paragon Workbooks that will guide you step-by step through each level of training. This 3 part course can be completed in as little as 6 weeks or you can study at your own pace for up to 18 months for the three part course. The Paragon Pet Grooming Workbook will systematically guide you through the entire program at the pace you choose for yourself. Upon successful completion, you will have the knowledge necessary to begin grooming pets as a professional pet groomer. Click here learn more.

The Salon Mentoring Program: is designed for the busy salon owner. Melissa created this program to give salon owners a comprehensive system to help train employees using the best teaching methods and tools. The program is designed to let you, the salon owner have a highly organized and logical training system to instruct your employees. This system, The Paragon Pet Styling System gives you the books, study guides and DVD’s to quickly teach, test and monitor your employees progress. More importantly it gives you a complete library of the best available information today. The mentoring program is based on all of Melissa’s knowledge and expertise from training thousands of groomers and competitive stylists. Click here learn more.

Golden Paws Long Distance Training Program

Watch Product Description on YouTube - Click Here

The unique Golden Paws training method was created by Jacqueline Rauch and Mitzi Parrish, NCMG. The method has over 40 years of teaching success in their state licensed schools and Golden Paws Pet Styling Academies nationwide, and now there is a home study program. Golden Paws Long Distance Training Program is the most unique, effective and best program to develop quality styling skills to groom all breeds and client requests. You may just want to improve your skills with the Golden Paws Complete Guide to Dog Grooming Book and DVD’s.

Our goal is to help you become a successful pet stylist whether you wish to work for someone or want to be self-employed. The program includes a step-by-step instructional book on how to get the dogs, tests and hours of review of your practical application of your styling skills on different breeds by an instructor. You have a choice of submission of pictures, mini video cassette, or online through Skype. This personal review and assistance will quickly develop your styling skills.

Golden Paws Complete Guide to Dog Grooming has over 550 pages of complete step by step instruction with thousands of pictures and illustrations. This is absolutely the most complete, and easy to follow grooming instructional book created and 14 hrs of instructional DVD’s. Upon successful completion you receive a Certificate.

Now is the time to get started! Email info@goldenpaws.com, or go to www.goldenpaws.com. Call Mitzi Parrish at 888-808-7297 or 888-808-7297.

JKL Pet Grooming School - Home Study

ani-jklgrooming.gif (23266 bytes)

As an IEAA internationally accredited career distance learning school, and a government registered career training school in Canada, JKL has been successfully offering comprehensive professional groomer training since 1980. Joy Waters, author and instructor of the JKL program of studies, has now proudly trained several thousand students from all corners of the world, including Canada, Australia, Asia, United Kingdom and USA, to their graduate levels.

Long before videos or the internet came on the scene, Joy was successfully training professional groomers through home study. Student alumni, some still earning their living at their trade for more than two decades now, are a testament to the high quality of professional training always offered through JKL.

Our intensive academic program, together with its substantial, self-provided hands on component, has been formulated to train our students in their own home, at their own pace, to their professional diploma qualification. As well, if required, supervised practical instruction by a JKL certified grooming instructor, can be arranged at a Canada based training center. The JKL course offers nearly 1000 pages (400 academic hours) of groomer training instruction, accessible online, on CD-Rom, or in a printed course manual. It includes many color diagrams, illustrations and photographs; complete business start up information, business plan, templates, salon designs, floor plans; exclusive JKL Glance & Groom Breed Trim Charts, instructional CDs, plus optional DVDs by industry leader, Jodi Murphy.

All JKL members enjoy complete pre and post graduate educational support, exclusive online student/graduate forums, customizable business templates, promotional and marketing benefits, as well as over 30 years of experience offering affordable and accessible career training. Enroll with JKL today!  Please visit our website.

Jodi Murphy Instructional Grooming & Mobile Grooming DVDs

Jodi Murphy is a Master Pet Stylist and National Grooming Consultant for the Andis Clipper company. She is a multiple Best In Show and Best All Around competitor and past member of Groom Team USA for four years finishing in the top four placements on the team. Jodi was an International medalist winning a gold and bronze medal in Barcelona, Spain in 2004 and a gold medal in Milan, Italy in 2007 competing among 13 countries of world renown groomers. In 2005 and 2006 she was awarded Best American Groomer.

Not only does Jodi Murphy produce mobile grooming DVD's but her Instructional Series includes DVD titles to help every groomer become the best groomer they can be. Here are some of the available titles and new ones are being added regularly:

Thinning Shears - Theory & Technique   Goldendoodle
American Cocker Spaniel: Suburban Trim   Cockapoo with Dandie Dinmont Expression
Portuguese Water Dog   West Highland Terrier: Pet Trim
American Cocker Spaniel: Show Trim   Airedale Terrier: Pet Trim
Poodles   AND MANY MORE!

Jodi has been a successful mobile groomer since 1997. She has bought and sold multiple vans over the years and established 3 businesses in 3 completely differently areas of the United States. With her success she quickly became a well-known and respected speaker in the pet grooming industry and her Mobile Grooming Success seminars have been presented all over the country. Now you can own on 2 DVD's all of the same valuable information from her Mobile Grooming Success seminars. Mobile Grooming Part I covers the business end and Mobile Grooming Part II covers a day in the spa.

To learn more about this extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the top groomers in the US and World, click here.

Groomadog Professional Correspondence Course

Our home study dog grooming correspondence courses are 90% hands-on, and licensed by the SC Commission on Higher Education. We also operate an on-site resident school.

Don't settle for less! All our home study dog grooming courses have been written by Kathy Sanders, a National Certified Master Groomer who founded, owned and operated one of the largest successful dog grooming schools on the east coast. She has trained hundreds of people how to groom dogs and even how to set up their own business. She also offers an on-campus residential school in Ridgeway, South Carolina.

We empower people with the knowledge needed to succeed in their dreams. If you are through dreaming about grooming then follow me to your aspirations. It’s not a pipe dream nor a fantasy, it can be a reality. We will help you SUCCEED in Dog Grooming Certification! Call us and enroll today 803-920-5629. Please visit our website.

Canine Grooming Secrets DVDs

The keys to success are yours with Canine Grooming Secrets – the knowledge and skills of two world-recognized leaders in grooming presented clearly and concisely on digital video disks. Canine Grooming Secrets is dedicated to making you a leader in your community by arming you with the same skills and the same bodies of knowledge that have brought them to national and international leadership.

These essentials are yours in a series of DVDs in which Sue Zecco and Jay Scruggs demonstrate the grooming techniques you’ll master en route to professional success. They offer specialized instruction in the grooming of today’s most popular breeds: the Poodle, the English Springer Spaniel, the Shih Tzu, the Bichon Frise, the Golden Retriever, the Welsh Terrier, the Yorkshire Terrier and the West Highland Terrier as well as mixed breeds. And more are on the way.

In a matter of days, you can become your community’s groomer of choice; the individual whose services are in demand at almost any cost; the professional who is no longer asked about price and whose appointments are scheduled weeks and months in advance.

Would you like to have a grooming practice in which prospective customers pay to reserve places on your waiting list? That’s what Sue and Jay have accomplished in their communities. That’s what they teach in seminars presented in the nation’s largest cities. And that information is yours with Canine Grooming Secrets instructional videos.

Place your first order today and start learning the secrets of acknowledged leaders in canine grooming. Go to http://www.caninegroomingsecrets.com.

Pawsitive Educational Training

What if continuing education was available on your schedule? What if some of the top pet industry speakers were available on your command? What if there was a wide range of topics to choose from?

This is what Pawsitive Educational Training is all about. We are a collaboration of the best the pet industry has to offer. We provide both live online and recorded On Demand webinars.

Our topics include mobile and housecall grooming, marketing, safety, breed specifics, equipment use and maintenance, creative grooming, animal behavior, competition grooming, product choice and uses, cat grooming, alternatives, and so much more.

We are Mary Oquendo, Alyssa Forss, Daryl Conner, Chris Sertzel, Ellen Ehrlich, Dawn Omboy, Kim Raisanen, Sherri Shinsky, Nicole Kallish, Lindsey Dicken, Melissa Jepsen, Derek Hartmann, Barbara Bird, Debi Hilley, Kristie Perry Kingsland and Donna Gleason.

Come visit us at www.pawsitiveeducationaltraining.com and see how easy and cost effective it is to continue your education.

#1 Grooming Business Book

New CD's Available


Pet Grooming Business Plan Helper & Sampler CD

Floor Plan Concepts for Pet Groomers CD

Pet Groomer Wage Systems CD

Business Forms & Appointment Books CD

The most advanced book in the industry worldwide is also the most advanced learning experience for new or advanced grooming business owners. In 5 days with a small workshop group, or in a 2 day one-on-one private seminar, the award winning Madson Management System is introduced to you, and your specific needs are taken into consideration to meet your goals, your business dream. Profitability is important right from the start, or to become so now!

If you aren't profitable, how will you be there in the future to your clients and their pets? How will you obtain and maintain a state-of-the-art business? Click here for book information and best price including free shipping.


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